Big D***

My husband and I have been married for 6 years now. His d*** is by far the biggest I have ever had s** with, even compared with all the guys I had slept with in college, he is still the biggest.
He is 9.5 inches long and girthy enough that I feel like my p**** needs stiches afterward. The problem is he doesn't believe me when I tell him he's the biggest I've ever had. He tells me that he doesn't go around checking out other guys so for all he knows he could be average size. This man is so big that sometimes i wish he was smaller so it didnt hurt, and all he can say is he doesnt know how big he is. Are you kidding me right now? I get so mad at him because we can't have hardcore s** without it feeling like he's ramming a post up my f****** t***. I'm thinking about having an affair so I can get f***** hardcore and actually enjoy myself. I'm just not sure if I can s**** around. It feels like this is backwards. Don't women have affairs to get bigger d****, not smaller ones?

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  • Don't know why other people are skeptical about this story. Some dudes are just too big. The "key has to fit the lock." And some guys are just too big for their woman.

  • Totally written by himself

  • Omg, we have ourselves a real life f****** psychic. Holyshit!!
    Oh no wait, it's just another small minded little d*** man. My bad!

  • Whatever. Old dude. Nice fantasy

  • Sounds like someone is butthurt cause they have a small d***.

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