I wanna f*** my mother

My mother is 42 and is an angel for her age. I really wanna f*** her badly and I am 18. Once when we were sharing bed, i inserted my hand into her nighty. As she was not wearing a panty, I touched her p****. I even kissed her nipples. But she woke up and pushed me aside. I don't know what to do. Can someone please tell me how to f*** her . If i get a chance to f*** her, I will record it and send it you .
Email me : supersarvesh074@gmail.com

Mar 11, 2018

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  • Kingi emale vahest lilli ja sünnipäeval proovi talle musi anda.Sa pead teda harjutama õrnustega.Mul võttis see asi palju aega,aga lõpptulemus oli hea.Mina olin siis peaaegu 17.aastaseks saamas kui olime emaga onu sünnipäeval ja tulime öösel koju.Ema oli veidi alkoholi joonud ning mul oli vähe lihtsam.Istusime vähe aega köögi diivanil ja ma proovisin teda suudelda ning ema pole sellele vastu olnudki.Suudlesime väga pikalt ja ema hakkas hakkas juba hingeldama ning näost punaseks minema,siis ajasin kiiresti emale käe püksi.Ema värises üleni kui ma tal püksid maha võtsin siis surusin tal jalad laiali ja võtsin ema kliitori oma suhu ning imesin tal kiiresti lahti.Oli ikka hääli mis ta tegi ,kiljatus käis kiljatuse järgi.Mõne aja pärast hakkasin teda keppima ja siis tõmbas ta rinnahoidja tisside pealt ülesse poole ja tõstis tissi mulle suhu mida imesin.See oligi minu esimene meeldejäävamaid elamusi.

  • Start going nude around the house.Sleep nude do home chores nude enjoy.Give mom many hugs extra tight ones.

  • I fingered my mom when I was 15 and got multiple hand jobs till completion

  • Keep at it man. Same thing happened to me. Mom “had to stay” in my room one night because of noise next door...I didnt hear anything. I could see she had no panties when she laid down to “sleep”. What I did was just say it was cold and cuddled close for warmth. She felt my di*k against her back and pushed back into it and I knew I was home free. Just to make sure I wasn’t misreading anything I moved my hand down lower a little bit at a time to see if she pulled away. She as cool so I slipped a finger in her pu**y and then ate her out and fu**ed her. I will tell you though you may want to have condoms ready if it goes well and if you don’t want a baby. When we fu**ed I didn’t have condoms and she told me to pull out but I just couldn’t because the thought of my own kid coming out of the same pu**y that I came out of was just too much. She seemed p***** at first but since it was already done she kept letting me take her no condom. Baby due in May...it’s a boy...my son/brother. Dad doesn’t know...thinks baby is his. Mom stayed with me when he was out on business. Have to sneak around with mom with dad back. Don’t get discouraged...keep going for it. Take it from me...she was in your bed because she wants your d**k...be a good son and give it to her. Post to let me know if you go for the baby...wondering if I’m not the only one doing this.

  • Congrats on the baby.

  • Ok sure

  • If she really wore what you said to bed with you in it she wanted you to do it and if it really happened like you said she was waiting for you to try again and again then she would of let you have anything you wanted if the story is true

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