Running makes me h**** as h***.

Usually when I do some exercises I get h**** but running is like on different level.

Seems I get biggest effect after 5km runs.

Each time I get back from those runs and will start my routine weight lifting and stretching I nearly always get boners. Some times it starts already when i run.

Hopefully I run in area where there is not much people but still getting a pre-c** spot on running leggings is so embarrassing. I wipe it out immediately but still it makes me self-conscious when I run. I simply need to do check ups from time to time to be sure it's clear down there.

I love Lycra and spandex for work outs. It's the best thing for sport activity. And I won't give it up because of this but it's such a pain.

Anyway the worst h*** usually starts on stretching. At least I am safe at home not out in public.

It sucks as h*** since I actually need to get those running leggings to get washed after each run. I will sometimes put some lycra shorts under them so the sperm makes them nasty and tights would stay clean to some point.

It would be probably most effective if some girl would just come out of nowhere and suck it out after each run. Would not even call it s**. She would just lower the crotch part of tights and pump it out until it shrinks and is clear.

Mar 24, 2018

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  • Running is the best exercise for blood flow in the body which also helps to improve sexually benefits, getting a b**** or aroused is natural..

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