F***** UP!

Truth is, I fantasize nearly everynight about kidnapping and raping every gorgeous chick I've ever seen. I would find a secluded place, and put each girl in hand cuffs. I would make the beautiful women watch as I f***** and came in each girl. I would f*** each one in the ass. Might even jam a cucumber or two up their a****.......yummy

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  • I'm an attractive and educated woman.
    I'm also a Mixed Martial Artist.
    If you tried to rape me,you'd live or not live,to regret it!!

  • f****** sicko.

  • I think this site is 18 and over. You need to get your parents permission before looking at, and/or perticipating in this kind of thing. YOU SICK LITTLE B******!!!

  • So you're a sick mother f****** rapist-to-be?
    Good luck.
    I hope some chick cuts your d*** off.
    F*** head.

  • YOU SICK F***

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