I'm p***** off at my first cousin

I was visiting my Uncle in another city and I wanted to check on my 94-year-old mother who lives far away. I called her and the phone was not working.

My cousin lives about a quarter mile away from my mother's house and I called him and asked him to check on my very aged mother. He said in a very rude voice "don't call me every time something goes wrong in your mother's house"

I hung up on him and he called me back and told me not to hang up on him. I then hung up on him and called my mother's next door neighbor and asked the lady living there to check on my mother.

In the meantime, he did come over to my mother's house and told my mother that we needed to get a better way of communicating. My mother didn't know what was wrong and he didn't tell her.

I haven't spoken to him since that altercation and I perhaps never will.

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