I wish I had a d***

I'm female, 24 years old, and heterosexual. I'm in a relationship with a boyfriend of 6 years, and we plan on getting engaged next Autumn. Ever since i was a kid, I've wanted a p****. I don't know why, or how this weird thought popped into my head. All i remember is wishing i had a d***, from the time i was 9, up to now.

When i was a child, around 11 years old, i used to take cotton out of my pillow and stuff it into my pants. In order to pretend i had a d***, in the comfort of my room. I would pretend to m********* with it, and hump my bed sheets. I stopped doing this when i was 15, but the thought of having a c*** of my own has never left my mind.

I often find myself fantasizing about doming my boyfriend in the bedroom, or taking turns. The only kind of p*** i watch is male on male or s******, because it's what i get off on best. Can anyone relate with me? Is this in any way normal, or do i need to seek professional help?

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  • I've never really fantasised about having a c*** but I do enjoy watching male on male oral and it does make me wonder how good it must feel to be a boy and have your c*** sucked. I actually saw a boy suck another boys c*** when I was in my early teens. The boy being sucked was thrusting his c*** in and out of the other boys mouth. He actually came in the boys mouth and the boy swallowed it. Me and my friend were cheering and encouraging him to do it. It was awesome.

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