My friends and I g********* my girlfriend .. True story

My parents were away,so I had a little get together with just a few of my closest friends and my girlfriend. When it started getting late,most people left,there was me my girlfriend and 4 of my buddies left ,, Someone started talking about p*** scenes,how they are bullshit and cant really be that way,and Beth says,I dont know, but It seems real to me,,The conversation went on for a while,and it turned into t*** .. Beth says I love guys looking at my t***,,and says look,,and took off her shirt..I was f****** floored,must have the beer talking,,Everyone was looking at her t***,,nipples hard,,she says see,its nice huh guys ,,of course they all said yes,,one guy said keep going...We drank a few more beers,Beth still topless ,pulled me aside and said can I get naked and watch them squirm ?
I said its up to you,,we went back into the living room and as she walked in,she pulled off her shorts,,everyone stared at her bald p****,she spun around and said look here boys,turned back around and just stood there letting everyone look. I couldnt believe this s*** was happening .She walked around the house for a while naked,drinking,smoking..the talk turned to s** again,of course,and she was sitting on couch,spread her legs and let everyone see her p**** while smoking a j . Then she says lets see you guys now,youve all seen me,and slowly everyone stripped,most were hard,everyone was about the same in size and length ,Beth called me over and started jerking me off a little and sucked me hard,then leaned over to her right,and took my buddies c*** in her mouth,,we were all like f*** yeah..
Then she got on her knees in front of couch,while she started sucking my other buddy,I started to f*** her,,then I pulled out,and my one buddy started f****** her..I sat back in a chair and watched them all f*** her two at a time.She sucked them when they were close and took all 4 of their loads of c** in her mouth,,then came over to me ,,and blew me until I came buckets.
We were all 19 and 20 then ... now were are in our early 30's and the situation never repeated .. But we became closer as friends,and not one person ever told anyone about that night..

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  • Suoer sexy... I just jizzed on it

  • Super hott!!! I g********* a couple of my gurlfriends with my friends soon hott

  • Just made me jack my c*** off hot hot wish I could of been there

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