Got 11 girls pregnant...not done yet

I love the feeling and get so turned on by getting girls pregnant. I have got 11 girls pregnant. I got started when I had s** with a girl at a party at a friend's house when I was 14. It has his sister's friend and she was drunk. Baby born when I was 15 but I was off the hook b/c she didn't know who f***** her. After that, I knew I wanted more. I do everything I can to avoid using condoms and have excused myself to run to the bathroom and poked holes in several condoms if the girl is insistent on me using one. I ended up getting 3 women pregnancy in high school, 6 more in my 4 1/2 years of college, 2 more since graduating, and I may have #12 now. She is late but I won't count her in my total until I know for sure but things are looking good. For me I like to seek out married women who aren't on the pill. If they are on the pill, I cut my losses and move on. I am surprised how many trust condoms. Also, 2 of my 11 came from online personals ads who offering to get them pregnant, 4 more were from other personals ads but I used the condom trick. 2 of the 11 were girls that just didn't know about protection so I didn't use any. The other 3 of 11 were other random one-night stands that I either got with the condom trick or just didn't use protection at all (i.e. my roommate in college passed out and I pretended to be him with his girl w/ lights out - she got pregnant and my roommate married her to raise kid, sister's friend at a party got drunk and I didn't miss my chance - she didn't know who she f***** so I'm in the clear, and my mom's friend who was just left by her husband - she convinced him the kid was his before leaving). If #12 becomes official then she was one that I told I was sterile to...she didn't even question it. I'm 23 years old now and really want to be up to #15 by the time I turn 25. I know I will get called every bad word you can think of but I don't care. I feel a little bad for the women who have to sort this out afterwards but not bad enough to stop. This confession feels great because I have never been able to say this out loud and never told anyone about this. Feel free to submit your hate below. I am really curious if there is anyone out there like me who does the same thing I do and would like to see what number you are it, if so.


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  • A guy I know knocked up 4 women in one month. They are all due as of the 12th of june and on. I have 5 kids with 3 women.I am so sure of the 4 but not the 5th one;no DNA done yet. Two of my kids are adults,3 are under 10. I plan on having about 5 more with various women in the next year or so. That will give me 6 kids in another country where I don't have to worry much about legal issues. I just send money to the mothers. The guy I know will be doing the same thing.

  • #10 will be a huge accomplishment...keep at it.

  • In regard to your royals impregnanting around , I do I walk away when ever I see them or get someone to turn the tv over. won't be watching any wedding or baby stuff from any of them. only see the odd one on here but enjoy the critical ones more and all the critical comments because they are just people, they bully others please just remember that. they are not perfect. there is nothing great about a monarchy that performs abuses on average folk and cause mental illness to s** abuse victims and destroys careers and education and have people living in squalled for their entertainment without a family or kids of our own. I would say that is oppression at its worst going on while these lot show off and abuse others. not what I call decent or polite.

  • Royals suck....

  • Take yourself to Disneyland. You live in a fantasy land. Life there is more realistic. You can have s** with Donald Duck. Now Donald Duck must be gay. Duck is female gender, so why wouldn't Walt Disney call it Donald Drake for f**** sake. Next you'll be telling us that you get dudes pregnant.

  • I've gotten a few pregnant myself and got out of it unscathed, but I consider myself lucky. Will I do it again? H*** yeah, but I no longer do it intentionally--too risky.

  • I know! How many for you?

  • Let me know how that works out for you when the child support starts flowing out the door and you're broke ass can't afford s***. And don't say it can't happen, because all it takes is anyone of these women to request a paternity test.

  • It wouldn’t happen. The married ones are covered by their husbands b/c the wives end up having s** with the husband so that he thinks the kid is his and they wouldn’t know who to get the paternity test on.

  • The wife may be a s***, but she's not brain dead, and she knows who she's slept with. So when the kid comes out and looks nothing like hubby, guess what? He'll be demanding a paternity test not from you, but from himself. Then when it comes back negative and he leaves her ass, she'll come after YOU for the real child support.
    H***, even if hubby doesn't figure it out or notice the kid doesn't look like him, all it takes is for them two to be fighting one night and her slip up by saying she f***** around on him. Next thing you know he's questioning the father of the kid, and boom, you're in court doing a paternity test.
    Like I said, you won't be so smug about it when most of your paycheck is going out in child support.

  • I’m not concerned. I don’t tend to stick around after.

  • Do they not know who you are to go after you?

  • No. I don’t give a real name when we get together and I never being anyone to my place and I use disposable phones.

  • Dude, do you think I'm f****** stupid? First I knew the original post was bullshit. Second, you like your own post. So it's totally f****** obvious that you commented and then replied to your own comment, and then replied again. You are such a f****** loser troll that you have nothing better to do than make bullshit and post it on the internet. You are more than likely still a virgin because you have no life. Nice fantasy though, f****** loser!!!

  • The original post was not bullshit. It’s a 100% try story. I have been replying to comments as people post them...I’m not commenting on my own post...

  • Go blow smoke up someone else's ass. You are a f****** lier and a troll.

  • Don’t know what your problem is man. This is a site for confessions and I was 100% honest.

  • My problem is people like you who lie, and then double down on that lie when you get caught. Your post is 100% bullshit, and you comment on your own comments. That not only makes you a lier, it makes you psychotic.

  • Whatever man...I haven’t lied about anything and my posts have been replying to others.

  • Only in your little fantasy world!

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