My gf IS A F****** CRY BABY!!

We’ve been together in a long distance relationship periodically seeing each other for 3 years and are in our mid 20s. She cries about everything u name it!! Work, her pet puppy, having to wake up for work, her mom bugging her it goes on and on AND ON... Now it’s not like I’ve been a total d***. At first I would rush to her aid and console her like a good bf should. But after a while I get tired of getting calls like “WAAAH I don’t wanna go to work today” “WAAAH I went to bed late now I’m tired and I don’t wanna go to work” “WAAAH despite u telling me a puppy is a lot of work I still got not one but two and they keep waking me up at night” “WAAAH iVe been stressed out lately” “WAAAH I don’t have any savings cause I spent it all collection stationary”. At one point I told her that that’s f****** like and to grow up......”WAAAH U TREAT ME LIKE A CHILD”...I love her dearly but s*** b**** this is life and everyone has to f****** live it. I hate answering the phone cause there’s a good chance she’s crying over something stupid...

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  • Your in a tuff spot if that's the best you can get. Move on it will get worse.

  • It's called a drama queen. Run Forrest run !

  • Totally true. This girl isn't going to get any better. If she's not a grown up by now she will never be. Get away.

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