I am 14 and I wanna have s**

I am 14 and I want to break my virginity buh I am scared wat can I do

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  • At 14, it is indeed time that you should be getting some experience in this area. Get yourself a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and start having fun! Learn while you are still young!

  • There's nothing to be afraid of s** is natural

  • Wait Until You Are LEGAL! This isn't something that a 14 year old should be doing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't have s**! ignore every comment that says you should have s**! if you do you really need to call the police, don't let anyone have s** with you until you are of legal age! PLEASEEEE don't do anything like this! It's rape if you consent and are under the age limit! if you have s** and are found out the person you do it with could and most likely WILL go to jail! again, PLEASE don't have s** until your of legal age!!!!

  • If you're a girl: Get literally any guy at your school alone with you for a confirmed time of thirty minutes or more. Make sure you have condoms. Start by hugging him closely, breathing in his space and making him feel close to you. Then, run your hand up his thigh, making sure to pause where you find his member, and look him in the eyes. Hopefully by this time he's caught the hint and he's playing with your b****** or other bits, but if not, guide his hand. Especially if he's losing his virginity too, he might not know. When you've been intimate like that for a few minutes, he should be hard and you should be at least turned on enough for penetration. Then it's just a matter of taking your pants and panties off and allowing penetration. Make sure he puts on the condom first - even a 14 year old boy is fertile, and so are you. As far as penetration goes, my recommendation: get on him first. You can control the rate and depth of penetration that way.

  • Are u going to ever call ???????

  • Just be with a elect man that is experience d t show u how and the way to c** and quirt. If u have to choose to day that

  • What should you do? Wait.

  • Find a chatroom with 16 yr old d**** and go to town

  • You need to wait and enjoy masterbating until you are of age

  • You need a smacked a***. You are a child....

  • Yes I agree come to my house in llanbradach

  • I agree

  • What the he'll do parents be doing and not keeping an eye on their children. I'd smack the a*** off my daughters if they were on site like this or even talked like this....

  • Learn how to spell, you illiterate piece of s*** troll.

  • U raged ass ass f*** guess what you piece of s*** it the f****** phone spelling ass hole keep your mouth off me .

  • You are a very rude person

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