I’m a N***

This is less of a confession and more of a I am not sure but anyhow I am an American National socialist I believe in the preservation of the race however I’m nit racist or anti Semitic I don’t believe the holocaust happened and I don’t believe hitler hated Jews in my opinion hitler saved Germany from usury and communism he was the second greatest man ever only after Christ



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  • Another Troll. Let's just say you can believe what you want but belief will never change facts !

  • Leave now before you get caught

  • I'm a Jew. And I have a very particular set of skills. I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you.

  • Don't know why I'm compelled to do this, but here it goes anyway. 1) National Socialism is very similar to communism. The only definitive difference is that communism is international and National Socialism, is well, national. Also, there are various kinds of both, but they are still quite similar. 2) Race is a social construct that represents a clumsily conflation of genetic populations with ethnicity. Race is only real for parsimonious purposes. There is far greater genetic diversity within the African populations than within European populations. Hitler's whole notion of racial purity soooo f****** stupid. 3) Of course Hitler was anti-Semetic. As a follower of Hitler you really should have read some of his speeches or even Mein Kampf. He clearly blames s*** on the Jews and was very happy to support "the final solution". 4) You think Jesus was awesome yet you don't think that the Holocaust happened....you believe a 2000 year old text (which was written 100 years after the fact) about some supernatural dude died for your "sins", but you have trouble believing an atrocity that occurred within the last 60 years and has more evidence than just about anything that has every happened in history. You are soooo stupid. Please, sterilize yourself and hide under a rock. The "white race" doesn't need you.

  • You can’t cure stupid, just shoot it in the head..!!!

  • Ohjesusgod you sickfuck

  • So many dumb things said in a short paragraph. Wow.

  • Looking for attention. Oops I just gave you some. Yawn.

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