First time I got f***** by another man

I grew up in the country and not many women was out there. One day when I was 11 my 13 year old friend came over and we started watching p*** he said why don't we suck each other so we did. Then he said can I f*** u I've never had anything in my ass at that point. He sent me over and f***** me hard it felt so good. We did this from age 11 to 16 on and off. I've always been straight but since then secretly bi. I just love getting my ass f***** and even thought about getting g********* I c** so hard when my ass is filled. Had my gf f*** me with a strap on recently and been wanting more ever since.

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  • First time my firmly fresh boy's butt got penetrated I was nine with two teenage boys. How the two of them convinced me to show um my tighty-whitie underpants was beyond me, let alone let um get in um. I was shy and had no idea what s** was let alone anything a*** or oral. I stood before them in my cute boy's briefs blushing as I watched the two of them having oral s**. They said it was my turn, I saw no. They said I'd have to let um f*** my butt if I wouldn't so I let um. He yanked my underpants down in the back as I lay on my stomach with legs wide. Using spit as a lube he wiggled his long thin p**** with a little effort all in squirting his sperm as he penetrated. He continued to f*** me until he came again. The second boy following his lead easily with my well lubbed little butt spasming with each of his thrusts. I was late getting home and disheveled mom was suspect that something was wrong insisted I bathe before supper. My once tight little cotton underpants, virginal white were spoiled. Buttered with thick volumes of teenage boy c** she knew my cute, firmly fresh boycheeks had lost their innocent virginity.
    It was like she knew it was going to happen?

  • I would love to f*** a 9 yr old

  • I was 10 when my boycherry got popped by a boy 15. He nutted inside my butt for 2 years before he shared me with his man friend who'd been doing his butt. It was way different being with a man. He had me in the bathroom in just my underpants right after my boyfriend did me. What sticks out mostly about my first time with a man is holding onto the sink, looking down at my underpants pooled around my ankles with my boyfriend's s**** blob in um. That's when he penetrated me and I had my first o***** with his profound p**** head bouncing off my boy nut.

  • So I was not the only 10 year old male to have a*** s** with an older boy. I thought I was the only one for a long time. I didn't have many friends my age but I meet this older boy at the skating rink and he took the time to talk to me and within a week he liked having me come over to his house. He then showed me some nude magazines that he said belonged to his father. As we would look at them he finally pulled out his c*** and started to stroke it and then asked me to do the same thing. I was embarrassed but did it anyway. We did this for about a month and then he plaed my hand on his c*** it was so big. Then he told me to kiss it so I did. A week later he invited me over to spend some time with him in a camper parked in his driveway. As soon as I entered he had me take off my clothes and then he threw them out the door. I asked him why and he told me that we were goign to do something SPECIAL. He f***** me. It hurt but he kept telling me I was doing great so I liked it. He did this twice during the evening. He then told me he wanted me to do a friend of his. I wanted more friends so I told him ok, soon the door opened up and there was an older guy there . He watched as I suck off my friend and then he laid me onto the bed in the camper and he penetrated me. It hurt. We did this for two years until my friend moved away. After that I was confused but played with myself anally unit I was 14 when I meet an 18 year old from church and he was the first male I kissed.

  • Love to find a yung boy to c** in

  • I know it's weird but I really liked it!

  • U hammer one nail ur not a carpenter but u take one c*** in the ass ur a f** for life

  • Please email me i have 7 inch c*** for you

  • Where are u located

  • A d**** up my ass is so stimulating. No interest from the wife. I have a butt plug and sometimes I'll wear it the entire day. I love the stimulating. Feel empty and alone without it.

  • I have been with one of my mom's exboyfriends sons who was 6 yrs older than me for over 40 yrs, he showed me and broke me in he loves it when we meet which is about 3 or 4 times a year that I wear panites(size 5 or 6) and pull my c*** and b**** back and some times I can put my testicles up inside and just have my sack empty, love c***, taste of it the pre-c** is super sweet and love c** and the heat of the c**(love juice) deep inside and then when it slowly runs down my back after a good passionate love and f*** session

  • Me to

  • At 13 wow. At 13 I had no idea about s**. I was still occasionally wetting my bed. It wasn't until 14 or 15 that I got hard ons and started having wet dreams.

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