Should I be worried by girlfriend's d****?

Walked in on my girlfriend ramming a d**** hard into her p**** last night. I know she has d*****, I'm cool with that, but I've never seen her use them and this one was huge! 8 inch dark brown d****! I'm now concerned as her other d***** are only 5 inches and I'm 4.5 inches. She said she likes it now and again but I feel I'm not going to be enough for her!

She said it's no different to me wanking about slimmer women with massive b****, but I think it is. What do people think??

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  • Buy one of these, put it on and give it to her hard.

  • Maybe one of her ex's had a big d*** and she liked it.

  • Turns out she was banging a guy with a huge c*** 6 months before she met me. Not sure how to deal with this now.

  • Just accept she had boyfriends before you and one of them happened to have a large p****, she's with you now.

  • You deal with it by mastering her c*** and make her c** and learning about the g-spot. Develop her o****** to spraying and multiple. Use the d**** on her too. Don't be afraid of the hunk of rubber.

  • Have you considered MaLe EnHaNcEmEnT PiLlS???

  • They don't work, I've tried loads.

  • Your male pride hurting you sonny?

  • Well yeah! This thing was MASSIVE next to me!

  • You should only be worried if she straps one on and comes after YOU with it.

  • Erm...this is a bad thing? She's used the 5" d**** on me, but never this huge one!

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