I let my dog lick my p****

Yeah, i let my dog lick my d***. I was entering the bathroom to take a dump and my dog came in with me. Im sure this story has been told once to many but its the truth. He came in and started licking my d***. I wanted to push him away but it felt so good. Ive never had a b****** at the time so it was like heaven. So yea, that happend

Apr 24, 2018

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  • Don’t feel bad this isn’t half as wrong
    I use to let my dog lick my a****** right after I took s****. Her tongue felt really good and it saved toilet paper. She’d cleaned my ass most of her doggo life and never got sick, cleaned non-stop for at least half an hour I remember one time I accidentally ripped a wet fart right on her tongue. She paused a moment but went right back to lickin. That dog was basically my toilet paper ig lmafo.

  • I was a virgin in the 8th grade but I was masturbating. The people that lived a few houses down from us had a dog. Sometimes they would go away for a night or be gone from the house for a long time. In those situations they would hire me to come over and walk, feed, or play with their dog. I was hired, I had my own key, i went in and having the whole house to myself I couldn't resist the urge to m*********. I was masturbating in the living-room when the dog showed interest. I spread my legs and let him lick my p**** until I cam. It was the first time I had ever had an orgasum with another creature.

  • U got snap?

  • You got insta or snap?

  • So hot

  • If any girl wants to talk or trade stories or show anything k i k: crazym249

  • Im a boy Any girls who lets their dog. Add me on snapchat. Andyc2104. Girls only.

  • Why do you need to put peanut butter on, just don't wash your private parts, don't wipe your a*** properly the best treat is the arsehole lick

  • I would let a dog lick my pu*** if it is what my husband would want. I bet that feels so good a big long tongue lapping me up. I would want my husband to stay right by my side to tell me if I should keep going or stop or if he wanted me to go further.

  • Any girls who lets their dog lick them i would love to see. Add me on snapchat. andyc2104

  • Do you ever return the favor. He'd like to be s***ked too.

  • Lmao issa female

  • I've thought about, while he sucks my d***, he sometimes is in the 69 position over me....

  • Sucks? I can only ever get him to lick

  • Wow it's so exciting

  • I get naked and put peanut butter on my d***, lie on my bed then call the dog in. He jumps up and starts licking and sucking me so good. I usually c** within a few minutes and he licks up my c** too. One time I put peanut butter all around and in my a****** too, he licked it all out happily and I came so hard I shot my load on my face. He licked my face clean after, dirty dog!

  • That’s hot

  • So I was dog sitting for a friend so decided to try out a bit of a threesome, so I put peanut butter all over my c***, and around and up my a******, I used almost a huge jar of it and called the dogs in. My god what a heaven! The both jumped onto the bed and while one licked away at my d***, the otherlicked away at my ass! I had 2 mind blowing o******!

  • Right!

  • I think it probably happens to everybody! only very very few admit it. It happened exactly the same to me as well.

  • I understand happened t me almost the same way but it does feel amazing

  • I understand your turn on. use to have a dog that licked me, and he love doing it as much as I liked getting it. Enjoy

  • Aren't you people afraid that the dog will suddenly bite down??!!!???!!

  • No. They just don't so that

  • I did this with a small trained dog so nah

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