i kissed another guy and my boyfriend found out, he said he forgave me but i dont think he really did and im scared hes gonna leave me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • havent told her what?

  • i'm kinda in the same situation... but i haven't told her at this point.... i want to tell her...

  • my WIFE kissed another man, a disabled one but she's a caregiver and became VERY close friends. No s**, that I am aware of, but it bothered me something awful. She got way too emotionally attached to him....I guess I was too busy attending grad school trying to make a better life.....I told her I forgave her, even though she cheated....We are still together, but I haven't truly forgiven her... It still bothers me....:(

  • Well if you see you are too weak to fight it then maybe you shouldn't be with your bf. It's only fair to him. Your gonna tramatize the poor guy to never trust a girl again!

  • i wasnt being a w****. i didnt mean for it to happen :/

  • thats what you get for being such a w****.

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