Short Hair

The one thing I regret about cutting my long hair shorter is not doing it sooner. I used to have hair that went all the way down to my waist. Now I've got a pixie cut and I love it. I don't think I could ever go back to having long hair again.

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  • Long hair is sexier than short hair. Pixie cut is for boys.

  • OH GOD! How did you survive until the day you took fate into your own hands and... and... CUT YOUR HAIR? #sobrave

  • What did your boyfriend or husband think about your pixiecut? How did your family, friends and co workers react to your drastic haircut?
    You may get bored with your very short hair and wish to grow it long again, but it will be very difficult to grow it out. Not just that, it will take a very long time and the short 'in between' lengths will could be very awkward to style. The easiest way to deal with that dilemma is to just keep cutting it every time it starts to grow out. I hope you continue to like your pixiecut, as you may have to wear it that way the rest of your life. It may be you look great with short hair, so that might not be a problem. Good luck!

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