S** with my brother

Im basically dating my brother. Nobody knows we are siblings, but we go out to rock shows and bars in Denver together. He fingers me in public and we make out in front of everyone. We are almost the same age, and lost our virginity to each other when we were teenagers. People think we are just another h**** couple. It's so f****** hot to know that we are brother and sister. He lives in my apartment with me, and we sleep together in the same bed. I love making out with him first, then going down on him. Nothing is better than licking and sucking my brother's d*** in our bed. I let him c** on my face and sometimes p*** in my mouth. I'm a little worried because I don't think any man will satisfy me the way my brother does. I'm a freak.

May 4, 2018

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  • Watch her f*** him

  • My wife likes to fantasize about her brother when we are having s**. It always makes her c** really hard!

  • Don't feel like a freak !!!! THIS IS A GOOD THING! It's a great situation you have going here! Do you know how many people would LOVE to be in your situation?!? OMG!! ALOT more than you think!
    Keep in mind, you have NO ONE to stop you !!! No one is going to prosecute you or try to stop you because you are not minors and you are both consenting adults! This is the ideal situation! Have fun, enjoy what you are doing and just go crazy! BE FREAKS! In fact, if you want, get pregnant!

  • Your Not A Freak, It's ok to love your brother like that, to be honest, i sometimes ponder what it'd be like if i did my brother (just light thoughts....), the only thing that makes it freakish is the fact that you think your a freak, please don't think that way, there's no need to think that your a freak just because you do your brother! Just keep doing what you like to do!

  • Yes, you are a freak, but a good kind of freak, someone I would like to get to know. ;P

  • You are not a freak and you are not alone in your feelings.If you two have good incomes then get pregnant it is OK.Enjoy being parents.

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