Wifes erotic massage

So, I need to start this post by laying some background. My wife and I are 45. She is hot, 5-10, fake sexy b******, thin waste, and beautiful! we have been married now 14 years, and on our 5th anniversary my best friend and his wife and me and my wife had a four some after strip poker. It was hot. but my wife was bothered by the experience, but at the same time each time I talk to her to his day during s** about seeing my friends c*** inside her p**** she c*** so hard! I know it turns her on. Also she has no problem with giving me a b******* going down the highway and me showing the passing truckers her ass and her p****. I love to slow down and spread her p**** apart for them and I get off instantly. Anyway, last Saturday I hired a 27 year old male massage therapist. This guy used to be a male stripper, and is very hot ! He agreed to do a erotic massage on my wife, and my wife agreed to it as well. I was hoping the massage would turn into a threesome, and i knew my wife would get off on being fingered as she always does. When the guy arrived my wife had no problems stripping totally nude and lying on the edge of the bed face down. No towel, no sheet, totally exposed ! The guy began by rubbing her back and her legs, but wasted no time going to her sexy ass, and rubbed in between her legs brushing the side of his hands against her wet p****. She didn't even flinch she was allowing all of it to happen. He rubbed her on her right side for about 15 minutes, and spent lots of time rubbing her ass and upper inner thigh. She spun around and this time he rubbed her left side. He again started on her shoulders, and then went straight to the ass, and rubbed her naked ass, and right down her ass crack to her p****. He then took her left knee and pulled it up beside her to expose her p****. He put extra oil on his hands and began to massage her p****. He massaged it hard for a few minutes, and she laid there! Man I was about to explode, and had a unreal h****** ! He massaged her wet p**** for a moment longer then took two fingers and shoved them deep into her p****. She flinched a bit then grabbed the sheets tight and let him sing his fingers deep inside for a while.... He did this for a few minutes then had her turn to her back. There she was, my beautiful wife, nude, and a hot guy rubbing oil all over her b****** at first. And he had a hard d*** as well that could be seen through his thin shorts. He commented on her very nice t***, as he rubbed them. He worked his way to her p****! he massaged it softly on the outside for a while. He then sunk his fingers once again inside her. She likes to shut her legs when fingered cause it feels good to her, and that's what she did as she raised her ass off the bed. I was hoping she would just reach out and grab his hard c*** and start sucking, but,, but,, she told him to stop after a few minutes !!! Okay,, yes I was disappointed, but at the same time satisfied because what I had just witnessed was so hot! After the guy left she admitted that if I had of not been in there she probably would have had s** with him. I forgot to say that during the massage I tried to kiss her and she pushed me away, which made me feel a bit left out. Anyway, I also told her that he offered to take his shirt off but didn't. She said if he had of she would have totally raped him. And she said she would let him give her another massage. So we have been talking today by text while shes at work. And now she said she only said that because its what I want to hear, and she has no desire to have s** with anyone else. I'm so f****** confused right now. I'm going crazy ! She said she doesn't want a "open marriage". I explained to her that its not a open marriage to me. This guy is safe. He lives three hours from us. He does this on a professional level, and there is very little risk of you or him developing any feelings. It's only physical ! So,, help ! I don't know what to do? I don't know if I should push this any further, or let it go? Thanks !

May 7, 2018

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  • Next time, don't be there and make sure he takes his shirt off.

  • It’s never only physical you have to be emotionally willing and have a level of trust for sexual intercourse period

  • Let it go. Most women don’t differentiate s** and feelings like most guys. However if i was the masseuse i would have just slipped my c*** in your wife after fingering her.

  • Yes, well I sort of thought he would ! He was absolutely turned on , and when he left he sent me multiple text telling me how h**** he was!

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