My panties

There's a guy that I know at college and a couple of weeks ago, after we'd both had a lot of wine, he asked if he could sniff my panties. I thought he was joking and just laughed. I didn't think any more about it but a few days later he said it again. I then realised he wasn't joking and out of embarrassment I said no. But I've been thinking about it since and I'm now thinking that I should let him. I've even thought about what it would be like if he masturbated while sniffing them. I know that lots of guys sniff panties but this is the first time I've had a guy want to sniff mine, and I think I would enjoy it. Have any other girls let a guy sniff theirs? Is it a bit pervy for a girl to enjoy having a guy sniff her panties?

May 9, 2018

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  • If I was a girl I would take it as a compliment and feel sexy that a guy wants to get as close as he can to my p****,

  • Super hot. I'd love to play with the panties of most the college girls I see in class. Makes me throb just imaging what they're wearing.

  • No harm in letting him sniff them
    Then have him use them to f*** himself to and have him c** in them al over but more so on the pantyliner itself. Then you put them on and wear them for a couple days.

  • Just enjoy and give him the panties you have on full of your excitement juices.

  • Not pervy at all. Better and safer if you like and trust each other. Wouldn't it be flattering to know that he feels that way about you?

  • That's really hot. Panty fetish is definitely real. Not all guys are into it but those who enjoy it get a massive satisfaction from sniffing it. Speaking from experience, a woman's panties smell better than sniffing actual vag..a.
    So yeah let your friend enjoy it. Maybe one day you can enjoy letting him eat you out as well.

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