S** slave for mature couple

I'm 58 and I have a high s** drive. I need lots or o****** but it takes a lot of pleasuring to make me c**. Unfortunately my husband has far less interested in s** than me, and this situation has caused many arguments. Then just the other day I saw a post from a young guy on the internet who is offering himself as a s** slave to a mature couple. Out of curiosity I've contacted him and the things that he said he would be willing to do to pleasure me are mind-blowing. He said he would even expect to be punished if I am not fully satisfied. I've always enjoyed being adventurous during s** so I would really be up for the things that he mentioned. I've spoken to my husband and although he is not totally in favour he has not ruled it out either. I think that this arrangement could be the answer, it could give me the fulfilment I've been looking for.

May 12, 2018

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  • If he is your slave you could tell him to strip naked, tie him to a post, and then take it in turns to whip him. He would love that. I'm a male and I've been whipped by both men and women and it's awesome. I'm hurting for weeks afterwards but at the moment it's happening its the biggest turn on ever, both for me and for the women and men who are doing it. My d*** goes so hard and I feel like my b**** will explode I get so aroused.

  • I'm the woman who did the original post. We have met up with the young man and had s**, my husband included. Some of the things this young man was prepared to do to give us pleasure were mind blowing, things I wouldn't have thought anyone would be prepared to do, or would want to do. We've agreed that he will be our permanent slave and we can use him in whatever way we want. I never thought I would ever have a slave, but there are lots of men out there who want to be one, so I figure why not this young man serve me if that's what he wants to do.

  • If he didn’t immediately say no just continue to bring it up. He will give in. Count on it

  • I’d give 5o quid an say go get yourself a vibrater is she didn’t like it I’d say go find yourself a young man. Bye.

  • I love older woman and I've been f****** older woman since I was very young.

  • I'm a dominant bull, we can cuckold your husband while I fukk you I have an extremely high s** drive love licking pus*y and ass out

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