Mom caught me using her s** toys

My mom has a vibrator and a couple of d***** that I found one day and have been using so one day she walks in on me while I’m about to c** while using the vibrator and the big one inside me and she says omg . We haven’t talked about it since and it’s kinda awkward , when I use them now I wonder if she knows ? Really awkward feeling when I’m done playing

May 12, 2018

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  • The ask her to buy u one i had i big one inside me to but i did when i was home alone

  • Ask her to buy you your own .my mom buys my toys for me

  • My husband found my s** toy and now thinks he’s to small for me

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  • I dont think your mom will care. She does it. My mom found out I JO in her panties. She just said throw them in the hamper when you are done

  • With me its my aunt . She has a few toys and a hitachi . I can't wait to go babysit for her.i wish they would go out every night.

  • I’ve seen the comments about the toys my moms is a John Holmes replica and I can come six times in a row with it

  • Did you chip any of your teeth with it?

  • Ask your mom to go shopping with you for some new s** toys have some good bonding time.

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  • You still molesting kids?

  • Can’t ask her that

  • Im a single dad and yesterday cought my ten year old on her bed naked masterbateing...

  • Did you f*** her then i would have

  • I won't lie and Im tempted too do something. She walks around in panties and naked at times..

  • F*** her hard mate

  • You there..

  • She is growing up just let it happen.

  • This can happen in most families.Father's seeing their daughter or son masturbating.Or the children see their parent masturbating or having intercourse.Do not panic all is well.I have seen my kids do this many a day just let them enjoy themselves.

  • Thank you and she's going too be home from school soon. My wife passed away just over five years ago and we have two beautifull children together. The thing was she did not even stop or try to cover up. I was not embarrassed as see bought my daughters naked alot and use spanking as part off discipline them. Just shocked me too see my little girl masterbateing. Thank you once again for you advice and you seem like a wonderful parent...

  • It appears you are a nudist family if not become one.

  • Mmmmm. I'd say apologize to your mom. You used them without permission. She may be grossed out and tossed them in the trash. See if you can bond in a weird -mom I'm growing up help me!- way. It will be soooooo embarrassing but if you can ask her what feelings she had when she was 13 and 14.
    As for using a masturbation assist. I'd get a small back massager.

  • She's only a child and apart from being on these sites. She should not be useing s** toys. Her body's still growing and her fingers should be plenty for her. I'm a single dad and I'm not nieve too such things. I've three daughters and a son. I've caught my daughters and son playing with themselves. But as a father I'd pretend not too notice and even talked too them each in private. As parents and adults it's up too each off us to protect our children and other children we know or believe may be at risk...

  • If it was me and i caught my kids playing s** game iv'e had joined in

  • Im so wanting too touch her..

  • Sorry but ur a guy and have no idea I used to use my fingers but since I’ve experimented with my moms toys I just like feeling full my fingers don’t gulive me the same feeling

  • You'll be ready for a BBC any day now! lol

  • You used your fingers because you're too homely for any self-respecting guy to want to have anything to do with you.

  • We all m********* you can have a calm discussion with your mom and tell her that you enjoy using her toys.You could ask her for any knowledge that could enhance your o*****.

  • Not sure if I should say something to her

  • Just do it all will be well.

  • 14 yrs old why?

  • If you want a real c*** babe, just ask me, I'll help you

  • Well if you tired of using your mum's toys, I'll give you a real f******

  • She's only a baby you moron..

  • I've done babys before, dullard.

  • Get off here child. You are too young for sites like this and I'd have you over my knee in a flash if you were my daughter...

  • Don't be embarrassed hun. She's your mommy and was fourteen once. Just close the door next time. Also sweetie I'd say your too young for useing s** toys. Use your fingers sweetheart and make sure your hands are clean before you start..

  • How old are you hun and I caught my ten year old daughter and niece same age naked with my wife's vibrator on Sunday. My wifes away for ten days with my sister and niece is staying with us....

  • Hot

  • Oh dude, you Have the best opportunity for a real f****** opportunity

  • They looked cute and was tempted. They are bought very flirty especially my niece. They walk around in panties and naked sometimes. My niece stayed over last night and got into trouble. My wife spanked her as we've being given permission too do so when she acts up. We have given my sister and her husband permission also too spank our daughter also. Allways gets me hard spanking them or watching them getting spanked. But I'd be afraid to do anything..

  • Go for it

  • How old are you?

  • Hmmm....I know how it feels my dad caught me masturbating....I couldn't catch up with his eyes

  • I just love having my o with the vibrator on my c and the big one in me. Puts me in heaven

  • Me too I’m such a size queen my favorite is a toy called bam so thick I love it lol:)

  • I’m so jealous I’ve seen that one and would love to try it they have a white one called hung

  • What u mean catch up with his eyes. Lol

  • I was embarrassed he didn't expected this thing from me

  • With me it was my stepdad. i knew he wanted it to.

  • What were you playing with

  • My moms hitachi and I think it’s called kong

  • How old were you when she daddy caught you..

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