Babysitting my cousin

To start with I should probably lead with saying I'm a 40 year old man .When I was 11 years old my aunt asked me to watch her 5 year old son so she could go out drinking . I agreed thinking I'd get some extra cash for doing nothing . When she left I told him as long as he's in bed when his mom gets home ,doesn't go outside for anything, it was night after all . That he could do whatever he wanted as long as it wasn't dangerous. He agreed . All he really wanted to do was watch tv and lay on the couch. Half way through the night he went to his room put his PJs on came back down and climbed up on my lap to watch tv . When he climbed on my lap he put his hand on my c*** by accident.
I looked at him stund at said that that's a naughty place to touch someone . At the same time I was 11 and it felt good . I think he saw an expression on my face that said I liked it and he responded with you said I could do anything I wanted and grabbed at it and pulling on it with a smile on his face . I should have stopped it right there but I couldn't wipe the smile off my face . The longer I smile the more he wanted to play with it . I simply gave in and let him . He soon undid my pants and pulled out my c*** . He played with it almost all night . I'm not gay so I don't know why I enjoyed it but I did . By the time his mom came home he was asleep on the couch. I didn't know at the time but after that night she started asking me to babysit every week sometimes twice a week which I did . I figured that that night was a freak thing and put it out of my mind . The second time I babysat and she was ready to leave I walked her to the door to lock it after her and he followed. The second she wasn't looking his hand was on my c*** ... I quickly closed the door and as I was locking it he was already undoing my pants . He quickly pulled my c*** out and put it in his mouth . The warm feeling of the inside of his mouth felt amazing . I went to walk into the living room to sit on the couch , he clinged to me trying to keep it in his mouth . When I say down he looked at me with a half smile with my c*** still in his mouth i smiled at him and asked him if he knew what to do with it . He asked me eagerly what to do and without a second thought i walked him through how to give a b****** . He became very good at it very fast. I don't know why he was so fascinated with my c*** but as a young boy myself I thought it felt good and if that's what he wants I'll let him do it . For the next 7 years this went on . I never tried to do anything to him . He was totally content with sucking my c*** . Until one day I was watching tv he was sucking my c*** and he asked me if this made us gay . I told him the truth that I wasn't gay and that I let him do it because it felt good and because he wanted to do it . I also told him I didn't think he was gay I thought because he was so young when he started sucking my c*** there was no way of really knowing . He went to his room , came back a few minutes later without clothes on . He went right for my c*** . Pulling it out of my pants and asked me if I wanted to have s** , climbed on top of me , propped up my c*** and while facing me pressed the tip of my c*** against his a*******. I didn't say yes but I didn't say no . He very quickly put all of his body weight on my c*** pushing it in his ass completely dry . It got about half way in and suddenly there was a knock at the door . I quickly put my pants on told him to get dressed and answered the door . I had to keep my hand in my pocket to hide my rock hard c*** that wouldn't go away . It was my uncle. My aunt's brother saying that she was in the hospital after an accident and that he was taking my cousin to his place and that I could go home . He had no idea what was going on but that was the last night anything happened with my cousin and I. By the end I was 18 and he was 13 . I should have stopped it but I couldn't help wanting how it felt . To this day I'm not interested in men and that was the only male iv been with like that.
I still remember how it felt when he tried his hardest to push my c*** in his ass . Looking back I think he was probably introduced to a*** by someone else and that's how he new what to do . For some reason o still get turned on when I think about it

May 24, 2018

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  • Getting sucked off by a toddler doesn't mean you are gay they suck c*** best under5

  • They love eating a big load!

  • He sucked c*** like a pro. Loved it

  • I would love a 5 yr old sucking my c*** I would have f***** him too

  • Came very close, would have if my uncle didn't knock at the door just as he was trying to push it in his ass

  • Didn't want to push him into something he didn't want to do . When that time came we got interrupted and that ended our sexual experiences together . Only got the head of my c*** in when there was a knock on the door

  • That's a beautiful story. Just letting him explore it. Letting him play and suck it. I'm sure it did feel amazing. Glad you we're able to enjoy his warm mouth and tender touch. I bet you were in heaven.

  • It was great

  • You should have f***** his tight ass

  • It was super tight

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