Forced to eat my sisters poo poo xx I'm

When I was quite young, I had an incredibley close relationship with my older sister. We shared a room from the age of 5 and she was 9. She taught me everything she knew, and as the years went by, she just learnt more and more. She made me into a sissy and a complete s** addict. Then she convinced me to eat her poo poo. I was 7 and she was 11. At first she would poo on her hand and pick little bits out and feed it to me. Then I began to feed from her hand. Then it happened. She pooed straight into my mouth. I was in heaven. I don't see my sister very often now, but when I do, she will drag me into another room and finger her bum hole and then let me lick her fingers. My wife every day will also feed me her chocolate and lemon juice after work. My wife is not that into it, but she does like to kiss me with a month full of her chocolate mousse xx

Jun 4, 2018

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  • When your sister fingers her bum hole and lets you lick her fingers does she enjoy you doing that? What does she say to you?

  • I drank my sister's pee several times when we were kids. It started as a dare and then we just did it because we both thought it was fun. She thought it was really funny that I'd do it. Usually she did it into a glass, but two or three times I laid on the floor and she did it in my mouth. I never ate her poo though, I could never do that.

  • Well aren't you the normal one then!

  • My brother and I did similar when we were young and shared a room. It's more common than you think. I've read similar posts to yours on other forums. Children are fascinated by bodily functions and they make games out of it. My brother never drank my pee but he would often put his fingers into my pee stream and then lick them clean. He also liked me to put my finger in my p**** and then put it in his mouth. It seems to me that boys are much more aroused than girls by their sense of taste.

  • Thats so hot, how old where you both?

  • I was 13 and she was 11.

  • At the age, how did her p**** look?

  • How did it taste?

  • The only answer I can give is that it tasted like pee. I remember it being warm. One time it was too strong and I couldn't drink it. The other few times I drank it ok, albeit quite slowly. My sister would encourage me. When she did it straight into my mouth she did it in small spurts so that I could swallow it before she did another one. The other times it was easier because she just did it in a glass.

  • That's awesome. Nice warm glass of golden nector. Continue to enjoy.

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