Hate this b******

I hate my boyfriends b****** son. I wish he was never born && every time i see him I just want to throw him against the wall or something. I truly wish he were dead.

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  • I feel the same about my live-in girlfriend's daughter. When the mother and I started getting serious in our relationship I had considered asking her to marry me even though she had this daughter. I knew the girl was going to be a handful but I really had NO idea: in the course of only 8 months she has turned into the snarling drooling demon child of Satan. She's only 11 and she runs her mother's life and tries to run mine. She cuts out of school and she smokes and drinks and she goes out on dates with guys way too old for her and her mother can't control her. She is desperately in need of a beating and it's all I can do to restrain myself and keep from giving it to her. I've tried to get them both to go to therapy and while my girlfriend is willing the daughter just says "I don't need any help because there's nothing wrong with me." So now I'm so glad I didn't marry the mother because it will make ending this nightmare a bit easier. If they won't go I'll just change the locks and bid them both adieu. I love my girlfriend but the b**** daughter has gotta go.

  • I'm 16 and i go out in a date with a girl of 12, is wrong?, i'm a pedhopile?

  • Yes, you are taking advantage of a young girl.

  • You have no business being in a relationship with someone with a child. That is a package deal for life. Do yourself a favor - leave. It's okay if you don't want to have children or be around them, that is certainly your choice. But you are with a man who has a kid. It's so unfair for a child to have to be near someone like you, who probably can't hide how they feel. That changes them. One thing is for sure..if anything happens to this kid, they'll know who to look for.

  • NOBODY should have a relationship with someone with a child. They will always, always be second best compared to the precious spawn, who will use that against the step every way IT can. Also, can you say "drama with ex"? On top of all that, you're stuck raising someone else's mistake. (If it wasn't a mistake, why aren't the birth parents together?)

  • I want children I love his nieces and nephew but i hate his kid. It p***** me off when it breathes. No one should care if anything happens to it. It was a mistake

  • I understand how you feel. And I also understand why you refer to the boy as "it". Monster...…..

  • Oh boo hoo

  • I feel the same way about my boyfriend's child. He and his ex had her without benefit of marriage, and the ex uses the child CONSTANTLY to manipulate him, and get his money, and get him away from me (even temporarily), and the girl works him for the mother. She sees her mother treating him like s*** and pumping him for cash, and so she does the same. I would love to be able to beat both of them. They deserve it. B******...…...

  • Your boyfriend needs to get rid of you.

  • Instead of wall.....try spanking him...yes,no, may be....

  • Yes and as said spank his butt....

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