Being a caregiver.

I take care of my wife with all her needs and also my sister in law and of course my grand kids.Each one needs are different my wife has on going infections with bowel and bladder.So many times I would have to get her cleaned up with wipes and wet towels I know what a nurse goes through with messy adult diapers.I love my wife so I take care of her.My sister in law is picked up and brought home with us and she has alzheimers's so to give her a shower I need to wash her shampoo,body wash make sure her genital is clean and then towel dry her.I do the same thing with my wife.
My grand kids are a bit easier change a diaper the older ones need a helping hand to make sure their bottoms are clean.Some spanking when necessary to have them behave.
Next month I will have rotator cuff surgery and I will need help with showering and other things.I have arranged for outside health aides to come in and assist with showering and physical therapy.
When one is right handed all his life and now has to try to do things left handed it is not so easy like wiping your own butt I have tried that a few times with some challenges.
I applaud caregivers it is not a easy task.

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  • Hello hun and love too you and your gorgeous wife. Your post seems too have disapperd. Maybe you could set up another one. I had too spank my baby boy friends on way back from school as shes dropped him to school for me hun. My baby girls not happy with me either. As i have her doing school work just now. Im not allowing her too sit around all day and play around with toys. She thinks mommy cant see her. But shes got a little face on her and given me daggers. I will say nothing at moment hun. Hugs xxx

  • You are doing good mom.Yes I am aware of them taking my story down I hope new ones will appear soon.

  • Are you bangin' them all for your troubles? If not, you should be. Do your wife in her caboose!

  • You are awesome...just sayin'

  • Thank you.

  • You there and my wifes a in wheel chair over a year now. Well done and i think your amazing. My wife use to be the one who spanked our kids. Now they have become way out off hand...

  • I sure know about wheel chairs and I applaud your efforts.
    Your kids are not behaving well are they? You need to take over for your wife in spanking the kids.

  • Thanks and we have four kids under thirteen. Three off them are in school now. Our eldest daughters in her room now getting showerd and ready to go mall with her friends. I told hervshes not going. But she rolled her eyes at me and told me to f*** off. I dont want to raise my voice as wifes sleeping. I should add that my wifes mentaly fine and has use off her upper body. Shes paralized from waste down. Im so tempted to go in and take our eldest down stairs and warm her bottom up realy good. I have never spanked them as said. Thank you for encurragement. My names joe by the way.

  • Joe why is the oldest not in school?
    What was she wearing to go to the mall?
    Your wife with her upper body strength yet so she can spank still.You can sit in a chair close to wheelchair have the child over your lap while wife spanks their bare butt.
    Joe you will need to take over spanking bare butts because children need discipline to become better adults in life.

  • You there and eldest is finished exams and so off school. But over the last month alone she diched school eight days. She wont listen to my wife or i as said. I went to talk with her again earlier about not going out. She was wareing a skirt that barely coverd her bottom and one off those belly tops and could see she was not even wareing a traing bra that only in last month she needed them. She was raiseing her voice and i told her out rite shes not going anywere. She yelled and called me a b****** and other names. I instinctley slapped her butt and hared my wife call me. As soon as i turned my back she was out the door. I yelled at her to come back and she shouted f*** you and gave me the finger. My wifes being ringing and texting her since. Shes not answering her phone. I told my wife what happend and she was happy that i was finaly going to spank her. As shes being asking me for a long time to spank our kids. Were worried now as its being a few horus shes gone. Im going out again soon too look for her. I sent our three other kids to their rooms for fighting and breaking a plate at dinner time. Our youngest kids are eleven year old girl. Two boys allmost ten and allmost nine. Its hard to be honest as said pal. I mever spanked any off our kids. Thank you for listening to me.

  • Go through her room and look for any drugs that should not be there.Her behaving is like someone that is using something.
    As for your other kids take their clothes off right now and spank away.Let them remain nude for rest of day.
    I hope you find your oldest daughter safe.When you do take her clothes off and spank her butt and keep her nude rest of day.
    Do not worry about training bras.

  • Hi again and i spanked our three yongest. They are in bed sobbing their eyes out. Im going out now to look for our eldest. We are terrafide for her at this stage..

  • Now they know that dad will discipline them now.

  • Hi there and im just after getting in the door with my daughter. I found her with a boy who looked about eighteen. I was rageing and wanted to kick that boys ass. I just told him to get the h*** out off my site. My daughyer was given me grief and telling me to f*** of and she do what she wants. That boy took of realy quick and i grabbed my daughters arm and dragged her to car. She was kicking and screaming and i planted spank after spank to her bottom till got to car. She was still curseing and i opened back door off car and sat in and put my daughter over my knee and whaled in on her skirted bottom. To my complete shock i noticed she was not wareing panties. Her belly top became loose and one off her allmost none existing b****** came out. As said im just in door and shes in her room now. Im haveing coffee with my wife now. But i plan on going in there soon to give her a proper spanking. Or take her out here in lounge with my wife. Thank you again and do you think i should use an implament..

  • I am glad she is safe however.Your oldest daughter wants to have someone older to feel her up that is why she was dressed like that.
    Tell her she should m********* at home that when she gets older there will be plenty of guys that will want to feel her up and have intercourse with her.Her hormones are raging has she had her period yet?
    If you want to use a hair brush that would be fine.

  • Hi there and our daughters in her room now and crying her eyes out. I made her take a quick bath and then went into bathroom before she had a chance to dry herseld. She told me to get h*** out. I immedatley smacked her wet bottom and dragged her as she tried covering herself. My wife had got her hairbrush and was waiting in lounge. I had to smack our daughter several times to get her moveing. I put her over my lap and must have given her over a hundred hand spanks while i lectured her. My wife handed me hairbrush and it brought our daughters crying and begging up a notch. I gave her fifty spanks with brush and set her up. She was danceing on spot and pulling her little bottom cheeks open. Not one concern this time about being nude. I higged her for copil off minutes and my wife called her over and hugged her also. Then all off a sudden my wife turned her around a landed a very hard smack to our daughters crimsom red bottom and said bed now. Our daughter has not had her periods yet and still has not got hair on her v*****. I dont personaly think she needs a training bra. Her b**** are know bigger than boiled eggs. Thanks for your concern..

  • I may be a bit open about life.Honesty and calling it like it is.At our supper table we discussed everything masturbation and intercourse and daily life.Nothing was hidden all in the open.
    Some people are shocked by what I say I do not mean any disrespect only genuine concern.If I have offended you I apologize.

  • You have not offended me pal. Im gretfull for all your advice and concern. I have told my wife and she says shes glad you encurraged me to start properly discipline our kids. You and your family must be wonderfull and realy open. I have told my wife im feelig realy guilty after spanking our kids and especialy our eldest daughter. I realy gave it to her hard. My wife said she has baby oil there and said i could go in and put some on our daughters bottom. Cheers pal and thanks.

  • I hope you covered her skin real well with the oil it will sooth her.Work the oil in real good.
    Joe never feel guilty about your emotions towards discipline it is all in a parents day of work.
    Yes we are open I have seen my kids m********* and they have seen me m*********.Normal life.

  • Hi there and good morning to you. I put a generous amount of baby oil on our daughters bottom. She was sleeping like a baby and only woke up after five minutes off putting oil on her bottom. She actualy jumped with fright. She started crying again and said her bum was sore. Our youngest are in watching cartoons and eldest is still sleeping. I guess it was a long day for her yesterday. It never even accured to me if my little girl had anything to eat yesterday. I have to go store later and told my wife i will bring our eldest with me. Part to keep eye on her and part too have time with her alone. Have you any plans for today and thanks pal..

  • Joe no specific plans yet since we are nude most of the time.However I do need to remove some weeds around some plants outside I will put my wrap around for that still nude underneath.I will need to go store at some point I will wear just shorts and t shirt and sandals no underwear.
    Since your eldest did not wear panties yesterday do not bother wearing them today.

  • Hi and do you mean not allow her ware panties as part off punishment. Shes in shower now and i just came into her room now. Im looking at some off her make up. Its way to grown up for her age. Its way to expensive also and my wife certainly would not buy her it. I dont want to argue with her over it. I will leave it till were at store and then bring it up. I have noticed a few pairs off thong panties and they also will be conviscated later. There is not a hope in h***. My baby at just thirteen is wareing those things. I sware shes trying to give me a heart attack. I talked to my wife pal and she agreed with me on training bras. Our eldest does not need to ware them. As said her b****** are know bigger than boiled eggs. It was our daughter that asked my wife about them. But im going to put them away. I want our daughter too see that she is still just a little girl and training bra does not make her all grown up. Should be intresting too see her reaction. Our youngest daughter and eldest are in their rooms also. They were fighting and answerd my wife back. I just sent them to their rooms and said i would deal with them later. I asked my wife to let them out off their rooms in an hour and if they misbehave again. Then straight back to their rooms and i will add extra punishment. I think its great how open you are with your family. Am i over strict about make up pal. I know im not going to budge on those thong panties. Nice one again pal..

  • Keep the panties she does not need them until she gets her period.
    My step daughter never owned a bra and still does not and she has two boys.
    You are doing great Joe,
    Make up I am no great fan of it it covers the natural beauty of a person.

  • Hi and are you there....

  • How did your trip with your daughter go? Did you take her panties away?

  • Hi pal and i did bring her out on her own with me to spend time on our own. When she got out off shower yesterday. She was looking for a training bra. I explained that her mommy and i descided she did not need them. She was getting upset and i cut her of. When she went to get pair off panties i said not today. She lost it at this stage and began screaming and calling me names. She only had towel on and so took it of her and gave her a proper spanking. She called me all sorts off names. Incudeing a perv and other horribale names. I must have spanked her fifty or more times and wife appeard at door with wooden spoon. Our daughter went crazy and called my wife a b****. How could she bevso defiant in this position. We went too mall ai the end and were haveing an ok time. To be honest i should off got her to put on longer skirt as could see some people looking at her bottom. Especialy grown men and even a few times when we sat down for bite to eat. Her legs would open and close and could clearly see our daughters bare p****. I was trying to talk with her about her behaviour and said shes grounded and shes getting a curfue and bedtime from now on. She actualy said out loud to go f*** myself and threw her frys and coke on ground. Im ashamed to say out of shock i lifted her up and held her skirt up and planted several very hard spanks to her bare butt. Her face was beet red and was sobbing. I got a mixed reaction from about half dozen people who were there. One lady was close to exit as was leaveing and said well done sir. She had a girl about our daughters age and her little face was also red and noticed her squiming a little..

  • She acts like she is craving for attention when you go to the mall again do not worry about who is looking or not.You did good by spanking her in public if she does not want to get spanked then she will have to learn.
    When my step daughter once told me f you I told her like to wouldn't you that was the last time she said that to me.
    Keep working at it it will get better.

  • Hi there and i spanked our youngest three earlier. But they are out playing now. Our eldest daughter begged my wife and i to let her out. But as i said shes grounded and told her this. She called my wife and i f****** loosers and stuck her finger in my wifes face. I was flabergasted and sick to my stomach. She still had her pj shorts on and i planted a dozen on them as she stood or should say danced on spot. She refuse to apolagize and shes still in her room. Forgot too mention she still wets bed at least three nights a week. My wife and i have talked about putting diapers on her. Im not allowing her get away with this behaviour. My wife was saying that our little girl is needing some toufgh love. Do you think diapering her is wrong. Hows your own day going pal.

  • Hi there and i showed my wife your post. She says hi too you and your and she also agreed about me placeing our eldest over her lap and spanking her. Im going too get the diapers and other stuff from spare room. Our daughter will be greatly upset. But we have bought agrred. Tomorrow my wife or i will go out and buy plastic sheets for her bed. Its just in past she freaked when we suggested it and said she would not sleep in her bed. I will let you know how it goes soon. But our eldest daughter is in for a sharp shock. And going too learn one way or the other daddy mommy and daddy are in charge. As will our three youngest for that matter..

  • You both are doing great and working together to have a well behaving children.

  • Hi there and our eldest is in lounge now sobbing in corner in just a nappie. She was so bratty at start as useual curseing at wife and i. I took her first over my knee and spanked her over her pj shorts and then took them off her and she struggled and cursed more. My wife had allready got hairbrush and wooden spoon. And handed me spoon and so i planted over fourty smacks to her red bottom. She sobbed her little eyes out and i stood her up. We let her rubb her bum for few minutes and when announced her mommy was going to spank her now. She went hystrical and went yo run out off lounge and said f*** yous. I planted two very firm smacks too her bum and put her over my wifes lap. My wife wasted know time and realy wailed in on her bottom for about five minutes. She was then saying sorry mommy and daddy and promiseing to be a good girl. We let her up and i had placed a copil of towels on sofa and told her to take off her little t,shirt and lie on sofa. She went crazy and said no and so again i turned her around and smacked her bottom. I then took off her t, shirt and shevstood naked. I put her on sofa and put her legs back to her chest. Im not going too lie i was hard seeing her so xposed. Her bare lips were damp and c*** stuck out. She eas still sobbing and said leave us h*** alone. So spanked her once and wife held her legs open. I put large amount of cream all over her bum and v*****. Inside and out and she was closeing her eyes. Diaperd her and stood her in lounge..

  • The spanking caused her to get excited a normal reaction I would not doubt she will be masturbating soon just let it happen it is all normal.
    Dads will get that way.At my house my erection is completely exposed because I am nude all the time.

  • Hi there and our eldest aske if she could sit on my lap and then bring her to bed. She actualy put one off my hands on her ting nubb off breast and said to rubb her. My wife smiled at me and shes gone into make us coffee and get our eldest juice. Was going to call our youngest in from playing. But will hugg our eldest for bit and put her too bed first. Shes like a diffrent baby alltogether.

  • Good for you and the ability to show genuine love to her.Do what she asks it will make her feel better and also you get to know your daughter better.I am sure her v***** will be so wet and her c*** sticking out.

  • Hi there and thanks. She fell assleep while i rubbed her chest and little nipples. Shes exhausted and never budged when lifted her up too bed and checked her diaper. Her little v***** was a little red and slightley damp. I just fastend it again and coverd her up and kissed her good night. Our youngest are just in and told them to get washed, pjs and bed for school tomorrow..

  • Are the kids to warm in pj's? They do not need to wear them to bed unless they do get cold.
    You are doing great dad.

  • Hi there and had copil off attitudes this morning before school and our eldest would listen to me either. My wife has an appoinment at ten. Our eldest said she wanted to stay here. We are going to drop her at my sisters place. She has a short little memory and i told her out off bed now. She said go f*** myself. I pulled covers down and she called me an a******. Funny thing is she was trying too cover her allmost none existing b****. Yet she had me rubb her chest after spanking her as said yesterday evening. I smacked her diaper and then her thighs. I went and got another diaper and she was running a muck. But i finaly put towel under her cleaned her wet diaper. She put up a fight as said and took quite a spanking. But put cream and powder on her and fresh diaper. She sobbed and went to take it off when stood her up. But walloped her diaper several times and got her a skirt and t, shirt and sandals. She begged not to let her aunt see her in diaper. But told her its part off punishment. She ran into my wife and begged her also. Our youngest had left allready and wife told her to do as daddy says. She again flipped my wife off. I had enoufgh again and took her skirt and diaper off and spanked her again. Fastend her diaper and made her sit at table and have breakfast. Were going to my sisters soon and im not given her back her skirt. She does not know yet and i know she will go crazy. She will only be with my sister for three hours or so. If this was over top will you let us know. Thank you again.

  • You are doing fine.Sometimes you need to take it up a notch it is a learning experience for all.

  • Hi there and im just off phone to my sister. She said our daughter hit her and took her diaper off up stairs and put on a pair of her daughters panties and skirt. My sister is kind off small and said my daughters given her a very hard time. Im after telling my sister to stay calm and puy on a stern voice and give our daughter a good spanking. I cant beleave our daughter and what am i meant to do with our little girl.

  • Tell your sister to take off all your daughters clothing all of it shoes,socks keep her nude until you get there.

  • Hi there and my sister rang me back. She managed too get our daughters skirt off and panties down too her knees and said she had just about got her t, shirt off while over her lap. She was only after given her five or so smacks she said. When our daughter managed to break free and kick my sister and call her a w**** amongst other names. She ran to bathroom only in panties that allmost made her trip over herself when they fell to her feet. My sister said she realy hurt her when she kicked her and had know time too react. So daughter picked her panties up and called her a f cow and was crying. Shes locked herself in bathroom and my sister cant find spare key. My wife and i are beside ourselfs with our eldests behaviour. I know for sure that im going to leave my little girls bottom red raw.

  • This one of the reasons I do not have locks on any door inside the house.At my house just in case my wife falls down and you have to search for a key when you need to get in right away.All the locks are gone now we just leave all our inside doors open all the time.

  • Hi there and i finaly got our daughter out off bathroom. She was crying her eyes out. I spent over twenty minutes coaxing her out and was getting more upset with her by the minute. She had towel wrapped around her and panties on. I did not give her time for excuses and took towe away and sat on toilet and spanked on her panties. She was kicking and couseing a real fuss. My wife and sister arrived at door with hairbrush and asked my sister too take our daughters panties off. My daughter actualy called her a f****** b**** again and when my siter removed her panties. I gave her over a proper and sound spanking with hairbrush. She kicked and still cursed and refused too apolagize to my sister. So brought my red faced daughter and her very red bottom into kitchen and got my sister too reinforce our daughters behaviour. I put her over my sisters lap and my sister spanked her for a copil off minutes and finaly our baby lay limp over her lap saying sorry. My wife had gone and got another spare diaper i had packed and rest off stuff. Our daughter broke down even worse and refused to lie on sofa. So another handfull of spanks and she did as told with tears and very red face. I got my sister to hold her legs in diaper position and i wiped, creamed, powderd and diaperd her and shes in corner now. Im going too collect our youngest now from school..

  • She is a stubborn girl.
    You would think that she would learn from getting a red butt that she needs to clean up her language.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Im waiting outside school for our youngest. You dont think i was too harsh on her. She was sobbing and her bottom is completly red and not too mention her pretty face being bright red. With her aunt spanking her and seeing her so exposed.

  • You were not to harsh when you do see her again get some oil and sooth the oil into her skin gently and take your time do not do this in a hurry. Maybe do all her body with the oil this will help sooth her.

  • Hi there and she wanted too go to bed when we got home. But did not want her to think she made up the rules and so said no. She was crying as our youngest were given her a hard time about the diaper as we left her skirt off. I told my youngest id tann their butts if i hared them teaseing their sister. I sent her to corner for ten minutes and called her out. My wife and i hugged and excused her and let her go to her room. I showed my wife your post and she agreed. Im going in now too massage her all over. Its going to be strange to be honest. But want her to know how much we love her...

  • I hope her massage was enjoyable for both of you.I love giving massages.I love hearing the nice moans and hearing oh that feels good.
    Hope it went well.

  • Hi there and had some problems with our youngest and was a long evening. Hope your well yourself pal. Our eldest responded very well too massage. Shes assleep still and our youngest i just called now for school.

  • It was a wonderful experience in giving your eldest a massage over her whole body.Soothing the beast as sometimes it is called.
    What did your youngest do ?

  • Hi again and our eldest was half assleep when i went into her. She had covers off her and was on her tummy and diaper was open. I hushed her to wake her up fully and to be honest scolded her a bit for going near here diaper. It was not to scare her as much as to let her know that daddy and mommy are in charge. She was about too say something and i raised my hand in a spanking gesture. But did not spank her. I told her i love her and dont want to spank her or her and hugged her for a few minutes as she wept. She got bit off fright when removed diaper as think she thought i was going to spank her. She looked cute putting her little hand back onto one of her bum cheeks. I told her daddy was going to rubb her bottom with oil. I had brought a copil off towels in with me. I did as you said and massaged every were. As i did her neck, back legs and bottom. She actualy partet her legs a bit and i rubbed a little into her a*** and lite bare slit and had her turn over. She was a bit embarassed and red faced. But did as i told her and im glad i had boxers under my shorts. I massaged her little feet, legs, tummy and chest. I spent a while on her little breast buds and tiny nipples. She had her eyes closed and mouth opening and closeing and finaly as she had opened her legs wide i spend at least five minutes on her bare p****. I payed alot off attention too her little face as i rubbed her slit and opened her up and her c*** and pink folds allmost looked like they were moveing. I moved my finger in and out for a few minutes and with other hand rubbed our daughters little face and she put her little face into palm of my hand. She shook on bed for few minutes and her eyes opened and looked glazed. She deffinetly had an orgasam. But was not much cumm. I looked down again and she was sleeping.

  • Your eldest has come a long way and maybe your days will get better.
    You are doing great.

  • Hi and thank you. My wifes gone off with her now to have some time together and do some shopping. Forgot too say that i cought our youngest at our daughters bedroom door calling her a baby and other names. Our eldest did not even respond. But was crying realy hard. Our youngest did not hare or see me comeing. But felt my hand as i coverd his shorts and legs with a dozen smacks and then into his room with shorts and boxer off and a proper spanking. He was saying sorry and sobbing also. But i put him in corner off kitchen and told my wife. She went over with wooden spoon and planted three good smacks too his very red little butt. I went into our eldest and hugged her and said i was proud she did not say or do anything back too her brother.

  • You are doing great dad.With your wife all things are possible.
    When you said earlier her diaper was undone your eldest might have done that so she could m********* better do not scold her for that just let it happen.

  • Sorry had to continue here. My wife said the sales woman told my wife she was a good mother. Wife said also that the two kids with their mother was a boy and girl. The little one was reaching back and had her hands under her little skirt rubbing her bottom and the boy was ajussting little tent in his shorts. My wife payed for items and left. Took our daughters skirt off in car and drove home with our red bottom and red faced little girl. I dont know what were going to do. But later im going too tann her backside for speaking to my wife and stranger like that..

  • How did your spanking go? How is her skin doing?

  • Hi there and my wifes home with our eldest last half hour. I picked our youngest up from school. My wife set our daughter straight too her room and told her daddys going to be spanking her bottom later. My daughter was crying and slammed her door. I sent our youngest out too play except our eldest boy for curseng at me earlier. Hes in his room now and i intend to give him a spanking also. Im sitting haveing a coffee with my wife now. She explained to me what happend with our daughter. They had got something too eat and bought our eldest some new clothes and stuff. Said they were haveing a good time and wife picked up diapers and our daughter said something under her breath. My wife asked her what he said and our little one said nothing. My wife left it at that untill that is when my wife picked up a few off those sheets you suggested to save matress. Its when our eldest said shes not putting them f****** things on her bed realy loud. Thankfully my wife said there was only a handfull off customers and sales lady in shop. My wife said she asked her to lower her voice and stop the carry on. She called my wife a f****** cow again realy loud. My wife said everybody in that little shop hared her. There was a woman with two kids my wife said and about same age as our daughter. My wife said out off instinct she pulled our daughters skirt up and smacked her bottom twice and by way. My wife said she was not wareing panties and so everything was exposed. She said our daughter was beet red and went to smack my wifes hand. When sales woman said dont you dare. She actualy told sales woman to go and mind her own f****** business. Rite in that little shop my wife some how. Despite in her wheel chair got her over her lap and spanked her bare bottom for copil off minutes. My wife said our daughter was mortifide and her skirt had come loose and fell off. So that boy in shop got an eye full of our poor little girl when over my wifes lap and when she stood up. Salwoactucompamented my

  • Your daughter being so exposed would think twice about having a bad mouth.Maybe it is liquid soap on the tongue to prevent bad language.

  • Hi there and never thought off that. I guess never pictired my little girl masterbateing. I thought she was just being defiant. Have you and wife any plans for the day..

  • Having my own and step kids and now grand kids I have observed different ages and masturbating.
    My wife will getting a B12 shot today and consultation about cataracts.
    In the spare moments I will do some more weeding in the garden.

  • Hi there and hows your day going. Hope your wifes ok and i just finished putting oil on our daughters bottom. She never stirred when i took off her diaper and rubbed oil on her and replaced diaper. I realy tanned her bottom earlier over speaking too my wife and stranger like that. Still feeling guilty and did same with our eldest son also..

  • You are doing fine never feel guilty about disciplining the misbehaving is to blame.

  • Hi there and thank you. My wife says too say hello also and too thank you. Our eldest daughters bottom realy is quite red and it was an embarassing day for our poor little girl..

  • I wish I knew what else to put on her bottom that would sooth her.Gentle massage as you did the other day the whole body feels better.
    Some children are so stubborn that they would rather have red stinging butts then behave.
    You two are amazing and we send our love to you also.

  • Hi there and i just called our three youngest now. Our eldest is still sleeping also. I put my fingers inside front off her diaper and shes soaked. I dont want too disturb her just yet. Its to early to deal with any drama. I will get our youngest sorted and brought too school. My wife was getting up with me. But i told her too sleep on and i will sort little ones. Hope you and the wife have a good day..

  • Make sure your oldest daughter does not have anything to drink an hour before going to bed.
    Will be going to buy some more flowers so I will be wearing a t shirt,shorts and sandals I never wear any underwear.My wife will have a sun dress and sister in law will have blouse and shorts and shoes only.At the greenhouses it is really warm in there.
    Happy massaging.

  • Hi there and did yous pick up the flowers or plants you were talking about. My wifes on way back from picking our youngest up from school. Our oldest refused too let my wife change her diaper this morning after i dropped our youngest too school. There was a shouting match going on when i got back home and hared our daughter call her mommy a s*** amongst other things. Im growing realy tired off her behaviour. I immedatley went in and picked up wooden spoon on way. My daughter immediatley started begging and crocadile tears. But i was haveing none off her sass. I took off diaper and had her over my knee as sat on her bed. She did the useual kicking off her legs and reaching back and pleading with me. But i hand spanked her for a bit and then gave her what for as i lectured her and applied wooden spoon too her burning butt. I in mean time asked my wife too please run bath for our naughtie little girl and let her up. Shes realy got a little mouth on her. Because as she danced on spot pulling on her bum cheeks. She said im stupid and a f b******. I brought her too bathroom and had too spank her several more times till she opened her mouth and i put soap in her mouth. I got her in bath and washed every inch off her as she said to leave her alone and she will wash herself. My reply was only big girls wash themselfs. It brought another outburst from her. So after i washed and dried her. I put her in diaper position and spanked her some more and put lotion, powder and diaper on her. I could see her face was as red as her bottom..

  • Just got back and I have plants and Thursday I will plant these.
    Seems you have it all under control.
    Hugs to both of you.

  • She is a stubborn girl.
    You guys are doing fine.

  • Hi there and my wife gave our eldest daughter a spanking yesterday and also our eldest boy. Our eldest just wont learn and i even bathed her again. Shes in lounge now watching tv and shes suppose too go to movies later with a copil off her friends. I allready told her shes grounded and going know were. I walked out off lounge as would off ended up tanning her bottom again. As shevsaid to me we cant tell her what too do and shes going and thats it. That child is so stuborn. Have you and wife any plans for the day.

  • Have to keep an eye on her so she does not sneak out.
    Need to get some grocery shopping done.I know that means we have to put clothes on oh shucks.

  • Hi there and you were rite pal. Our eldest has done a runner and my wifes up in arms here. Im going out now too drive around looking for her. Shes going to be one sorry little madam. I just hope shes ok though. I wish i knew what was going on in that little head off hers..

  • Need a deep discussion with her.

  • I found her about two hours ago sitting on bench with another girl from school and two boys. I feel bad though now as i sat on bench and pulled her over my lap and spanked her over her panties. Her face was completly red and she was crying. But at time i was beyond careing. I should mention they had some bottles of beer stuff. I dropped other three home and talked with their parents. Our daughter was stripped and spanked with hair brush at home by my wife and i. Shes sleeping now as is our others. Wife sends her regards too you and you wife also..

  • Thank you and take courage you do have a stubborn girl.Her hormones are raging and is seeking a release.

  • Hi again and thank you. Forgot too say i diaperd her again. But after the spankings she rescived from my wife and i. She did not resist this time..

  • Making some progress good for you.

  • Hi and im heading out too get groceries and my wifes meeting her sister for lunch. Im sorry too say that our eldest is in her room getting dressed. I whopped her bottom good earlier. Im going in now too diaper her and she wont be a happy little girl walking around store with just a diaper under her skirt. Our two eldest were acting up also this morning. Just before going out door. I promised them a good tanning when they home. Thanks again...

  • Put an extra layer of cream on her l**** and folds.
    Your doing great.

  • Well that turned out too be a hard copil off hours at store. Our daughter would not stay with me and went off three times. The third time i got her name called over those intercom things. She came over with a security lady. I scolded in front off the security lady and hoped it would embarass her just a little and even whisperd a little. But loud enoufgh for security lady too hare. That shes going to get a good spanking on her bare little when we get home. Like she said too my wife only a copil off days ago. She told me too f*** off and more. I just reacted like my wife and lifted up her skirt and ecposed her diaper. Bringing a squeal from our daughter. But too know avail i just smacked her diaper and just below it several times and let her skirt go. The security lady actualy smiled and said good job dad. Then said if more parents disciplined their children there would be less crime. Our daughter was so embarassed and could see she was about to answer lady. But i made as too lift her skirt again and she said sorry. We left with groceries and picked up our youngest from school. Our eldest went straight too her room when we got home and slammed her door. My good wifes still with her sister. Talk about needing paitents..

  • I think it is about time to take those bedroom doors off so no slamming occurs.
    You did good dad.

  • Hi you doing and my wifes still at her sisters. I was told our youngest were going out and went into our eldest room too let her know also. That little madam snuck out her window. Her diaper was on floor and she wont answer her phone. My blood is boiling and im going to blister her bottom red raw. Maybe im going over board on doing that. But im furious with her rite now...

  • She is really trying your patience time to hide all her clothes.
    I hope she is OK.I do not blame you for having her bottom so red that she can not sit on it for quite some time.

  • Hi there and my wifes just home. She said she passed our daughter on the way home she beeped at her. But our daughter was with another copil off girls and they flipped my wife off. My wife said one off the girls lifted back off her skirt and flashed her and anubody else that was looking. Then they ran into park. Im heading out now and shes in serious trouble...

  • I think it is about time to invite those boys that they are seeing in the park to your house.This way they would be supervised better.
    Take care.

  • Hi and im just in door with our eldest. There was know boys with them this time. But i took hold off my daughter in the park and pulled her smirt up and smacked over her panties. Her and other two girls faces were extremley red and bought looked realy sheepish. I lectured three off them on spot and added a little embarassement to other two girls and said. If i was their dadfy i would spank their bare bottoms. Off corse they went evrn deeper shade off red. I told them im dropping them home. They were saying they were not going home and makeing up all kinds off excuses. Like theres know one home and stuff. I actualy got realy firm with them bought and told them too march their bottoms to my car at once. I swatted my daugters bottom a few times on way too car. The three off them walkef in front off me. Even the other two were rubbing their skirted bottoms. I found out who flashed her panties and turns out they were all doing it and thought it was fun. First girls mom answerd door and i explained what happend. Her mom asked me too step in and offerd me a coffee. But i declined. She then turned her daugher around and pushed her over her leg and panties half down spanked her in front off me. Her daughter was begging to let me leave and for her mommy to stop. She ran too her room and actualy tripped over her panties on the way. I left and dropped other girl off and a father answed. I explained again and there on door step he pulled her skirt up. We were bough shocked to be honest. She had know panties on and could see her bald p****. He still spanked her on spot and sent and equaly red face gorl too fetch a spoon and i left again. Im haveing a coffed with my wife and then im going too blister our daughter good and proper..

  • All the girls love to flash at some time and think its fun it is OK however there can be one that decides that flashing is not enough for him and may do harm.These girls do not realize the potential for problems.
    I hope you and wife are calming down a bit and enjoying coffee.
    I think before you put her to bed you or wife give her a bath and and wash her every inch of her.

  • Thank you for saying that. But how can she be so stuborn. I rang my wife just there and shes laufging at me. She reckons she gets it from me. I told my wife too stay at her sisters for night and go out or sit in and just relax. Shes amazing and i love her so much. All shes being through and shes still positive and a beautyfull careing and gentle mother and the best thing thats ever happend too me and my children are same too me. But guess as said it will take time for me. As wife was one who was one who spanked them and gave most off discipline. Sorry for going on and how are you and your family..

  • Cheers and its too dangerours. I realise their curious and just kids. But its as you said and a grown man could easy take advantage off them. Its why i spanked our daughter. I was also allthough surprised seeing those other little girls getting spanked. Was good too see other parents spank also. I feel bit strange too be honest. I got hard looking at their bottom and little p***** sticking out. These girls like our daughter have still not got a single hair on their p*****. Have you and wife got any plans for the day...

  • Getting erect seeing girls v*****'s is all normal reaction and the girls getting wet between their l****'s.
    No plans just a wonderful nude lounging day.

  • Just frightend me too be honest as never thought off them like tbat. But it turned me on as said. They want too go out and play with their friends. But i just keep telling them they are grounded and im not changeing my mind. They are not impressed with me..

  • Give your kids a massage over their bodies and sooth their aches.

  • Were haveing serious trouble here at moment..

  • You are doing fine and love your children and give them all a massage and then you can ask them to give you a massage as well.
    Made a batch of strawberry jam since I am nude it was easy cleanup.

  • Thank you and not sure if she did not resist me. Because poor baby was exhausted..

  • Hi there and i guess i could do that tomorrow when our youngest are at school. Thats if shes not still mad at me in the morning. She realy was so tored and as said she never flinched as i turned her over and changed her diaper and put cream on her and put on diaper again. Poor little thing is being so stubborn. My wife asked me too tell yous. Was it wrong off her to spank her in that shop today and especialy with that boy and girl seeing her bare p**** and everything else. Wife sends her love again too you bought..

  • It was fine for wife to spank her like she did and so what if others saw.It will make the boy and girl think to behave they would not want a spanking.

  • Hi there and its my sisters home. But were on the way now and our daughters in so much trouble. We bought need to calm down rite now. So will have coffee with my sister and think off next move. Cheers and i will let you know whats happening.

  • Hi there and they often sleep in boxers and panties..

  • Tough love right. Do you have a pad under her bed sheets to protect the mattress from getting we? It would be good idea to do so.
    Putting a diaper on her would be a good thing and in the morning when you take it off her make sure you wash her v***** real good remember to wipe from front to back. It helps in preventing infections.
    My day is staying indoors it is really hot and muggy outside.

  • Hi there and thanks. We have four kids under thirteen. Three off our kids are in school now. Our eldest girl is just finished her exams. Shes in her room now and getting ready to go to mall with her friends. I allready told her shes not allowed. But shevrolled her eyes at me and said f*** off. I dont want too start a screaming match with her. As dont want to upset my wife. I should add my wife is mentaly fine and still has use off her upper body. Im so tempted to spank our daughter rite now and cheers.

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