B**** Wife Overreacted

My wife caught me innocently fooling around with her girlfriend. It wasn't like we had s** or anything. We just kissed and I played with her t*** for a few seconds before my wife walked in the kitchen and caught us.

I thought everything was cool. My wife didn't get p***** or anything. She smiled and said none of that. We all laughed and had a couple of beers. After my wife's girlfriend left, my wife smiled at me and put her arms around me. I thought seeing me feeling up her girlfriend got her h****. Boy was I wrong. She screamed you b****** and kicked me in dead on in the nuts. She kicked me so freakin hard that I fell to the floor with tears in my eyes.

This is 2018, Man. She ought to be more liberal about some innocent fooling around. She ought to be less of a violent psycho b****.

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  • Hold on. Her "girlfriend"? So, she's allowed some side poon and you can't even touch a little? Punch her in the t*** for that.

  • Everything alright down there....😁

  • .......…….sometimes...….a b**** just need a beating............................

  • My ex-wife kissed her ex-male roommate and I divorced her. If your wife stays with you it will be a miracle.

  • Haha haha....sorry dude

  • Your wife did the right thing--stop perving on her friends!!!

    My husband used to give hugs and occasionally kisses on the cheeks to my female friends when they would come over, and I was okay with it--kinda. One time he slipped one of them tongue, and believe me, we had a chat. I should have kicked him in the nuts too.

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