Ex gfs son masturbate on game chat

3 yrs ago I was staying at my exs for a one night stand and in the morning her son who was 11 was up early with me playing on the ps4, I was just in my boxers and was sitting on the settee, he was crossed legged on the floor, I noticed he was staring at the floor between my legs but I kept my attention on the TV, when he got up to go in the kitchen I looked down and my balls were hanging out of my boxers then a week later he added me on ps4 as a friend online and as we played gta5 I could hear him wanking as he was making conversation with me.. at the time I didn't think it was that, but on reflection I know it did and he has since come out as gay and he's 14 now... I wish I could get him to do it again, coz it turns me on secretly.

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