Your p**** smells weird

It's why I broke up with you

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  • All I can say is good luck

  • She needs to see a urologist and see if she has a infection in her urinary tract.

  • Weird like how?

  • I'm not sure how to describe it: it doesn't really smell "like" anything I can compare. It just smells foul and sort of sour, but even those words aren't quite correct, somehow. It is not a strong odor -- with her clothes on, the scent is not detectable at all, and it doesn't seem to soak into her panties. It was mostly when I would eat her that it started to happen, and our sense of smell and taste are so closely entwined that the smell also affected the taste. That probably doesn't make any sense to you, but I can't be with a girl if I can't eat her p****. I want to make her happy, and I am really good at eating p****: she knows that and it's part of the reason that she started dating me (she heard I was good at that). Anyhow, thanks for asking, even though I didn't really answer your question. Sorry.

  • You've never heard of dental dams? Oh well, your loss.

  • Someday...someone you love will ditch you for similar kind of bullshit reason

  • Yaw great verbiage slimeball. You read like some failure from harlem.

  • You read like someone pulling words at random from a dictionary. Learn to communicate, fool!

  • It pains me to see that depending upon physical characteristics you make and end shut up

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