How do you discipline your children?

In your family do you give time outs?
Do you ground them?
Do you take away personal electronics?
Do you make them stand in corner?
Do you spank?
In your house what do you do?

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  • Nose to wall

  • I have tried that with eldest. Also grounding and loss off privledges. But seems a spanking is only thing that gets through too her at times..

  • Well if you don't know by now hon, nothing will help you!

  • If the kid looses it then stand nose to wall to calm. If they keep having a tantrum then spanking back to nose to wall. Usually only for 5 minutes or so. Sometimes an extra chore. Always a short discussion about what they did wrong.

  • How old are your children..

  • I'm into restorative justice. A day or two later after the infraction, make him/her reflect on it and/or write or talk about it to me or my spouse. It helps the kid grow into someone who will not be a repeat offender.

  • I wonder how dad withe three daughters are doing? Are you over the illness?
    Is your friend and kids over?

  • Hi my good friend and noticed your other post is gone when tried to message you. I had a serious incident yesterday with my eldest and friends daughter. Hope you and wife are well my friend...

  • Well dad what was so serious?
    Wife is doing fine so far.

  • Hi my friend and my eldest daughter and friends daughter stayed here. They got into trouble yesterday and were grounded. I went to check in on them at nine and they were gone. Those brats snuck out and i was in a panic. I searched lots off places and found them in park with copil off boys. They were strangers and turned out they meth them through face book. I smacked bought their bottoms twice and brought them home. Anything could off happend those brats. I gave them a rite spanking and there getting spanked again later. Why do them girls do this to me...

  • They are exercising their sexuality and they wanted those boys to feel them up.Their own masturbation is not satisfying them.
    I just hope those boys were not giving the girls drugs as they get them hooked on then the girls want more and the girls end up selling themselves to get more drugs.
    I am sorry to be so blunt.

  • Hi my friend and its certainly not drugs. They are not even twelve yet my friend. But they gave me a real scare. As you know how dangerous it is out there. Could have being anybody they were talking with on line. They bought came to me and brgged me not too spank them later. But told them im going to give them bought a good spanking and thats final. Is this too harsh my friend and all i can say was that those little things frightend life out off me...

  • Their actions could have caused them danger.
    However with their pleading and begging about spanking maybe you should let them rub lotion on your body this time.

  • Hi my friend and my friends daughter is staying here again tonight and i will take her too school tomorrow. They will take my youngest to school in morning also. I would love a massage my friend. But i never had one off any off daughters. Too be honest were would i even start by asking my daughter and other little thing...

  • Simply tell them that you have decided not to spank them if they would both put lotion on their hands and rub your back and arms butt and legs.Turn over and let them do your front side
    You may get excited they have seen it before so no big deal.

  • Hi my friend and was going into talk with girls and they are gone again. Its a school night and can tell you one thing. Those are going to be two sorry little girls. I cant beleave they have done it again...

  • When you find them spank them right there.

  • Hi my good friend and my daughter and and other little one are sound assleep. Their bottoms are still very red though and they gave me a bad fright again earlier on. I better get some sleep my friend. As have to get them up early for school in the morning. Thank you again for your care and concern. I will message you tomorrow my friend...

  • How is your morning going?

  • Hi my friend and house is realy quite. My daughter and friends daughter are in school. I gave them another reminder spanking this morning. Those girls frightend me again last night my friend. They were with those boys again. I did spank them on the spot as you suggested and then when i got them home done same. Those poor things cried their eyes out. My friend and his family will be over later again and bring my two youngest with them. It feels so long since they have being here. Im walking around house nude now my friend and have being out my yard cleaning pool. Your rite and it feels so freeing. Give my best to your wife my friend also...

  • Soon you could have your whole family walking around enjoying like you do give it a try I am sure they will love it.

  • Bi my good friend and my friends here with his family. Children are in pool now. Their eldest daughter wants to stay again and youngest one is asking also now. I told my friend and his wife what my daughter did and they were going to spank her. But i assured them i had given them bought red bottoms. They bought blushed a deep shade off red. But when my friend and his wife moved out to back yard. Their eldest came up and thanked me and gave me a big squeeze. Hows your day going my friend. Have you any off the gran kids today...

  • Just the neighbor's son and daughter they were nude along with us and I did spank both of them their mom gave me permission.
    I hope the girls do not sneak out again.

  • Hope your evening is going better with everyone where they should be.

  • Hi my good friend and are you there. Hows your evening going...

  • You could have them rub lotion on your body instead of spanking this time.

  • That highly depends on where respondents live. In the u.s. for example, liberalism & its special interest groups put discipline to bed decades ago by establishing restrictions AND regulations on precisely how parents can proceed with such. In other words, with a few strokes of a pen they were able to transform what most of society knew as discipline, into what they label & term "child abuse", assault, child neglect, even verbal abuse. Anything that will stick to an adult's permanent record or criminal record.

    Liberalism is a despicable, behavioral mental disease with NO known cure.
    It's shameful that too many other societies follow the bouncing ball of the West, with its many failed theories.

  • The government is not the parent of your children as they want you to believe.The saying goes spare the rod spoil the child.( do not go overboard )

  • Hay im the bloke who said i have split up with wife and have kids week ends over nite and wensdays over nite also. They dont care about rules or boundaries i try to set. My wifes a heavy drinker and kids run wilde. This morning i just cracked my 10 yr old daughter accrosse the backside for disobey me and she stuck her tounge out and called me a looser. I have another girl going on 12 in december and boy soon to be 13. They stayed out till after eleven last night and i told then i wanted them in at eight. I sent them to bed straight away their still in bed now except for youngest. I have a good mind to wake them up. My youngest is sitting in front off me after haveing her breakfast in loune. Even though i dont want them eating in lounge and told them many times. She and my other two could realy do with a smacked bottom..

  • Strip their clothes off and spank their bottoms.After awhile go and rub lotion over their bottoms this will sooth the red butts.

  • Hay there and im a father whos split up with my wife and have accsess to my three children every week end over night and on wends over night also. Lately they have being getting out off control. My wifes an alcaholic.

  • Taking care of kids even on weekends could be challenging.Most kids will get away with anything because they think the parent will not discipline them.
    Be a pernt that cares to bring up their kids well behaved.

  • Well how you doing. My kids will be going home later. I was saying about my yoongest daughter eating her breafast in loung. I told her to move into kitchen and eat her breakfast there and she again told me to get lost and get a life. I took her breakfast off her and brought it to kitchen. She kicked over coffee table. I was tired off her and my two others. She was only wareing a t, shirt and know panties. It was first spanking i have ever given and to say she wasvshocked and upset would be an under statement. She kicked, cursed and then cried her little eyes out. My two others hared and came into lounge. They stopped dead in their tracks and could not stop stareing at me spanking their little sister. I took her t, shirt off and knew she was embarassed. But smacked her bottom once and put her in corner. My two eldest said what the f*** and other words. I sent them too their rooms and plan on spanking them in a bit. I just want to calm down here.

  • A good start dad.Maybe the other two need some liquid soap on their tongues to clean up their language
    When spanking them do so in the same room with all children present.So what if sisters see their brother get spanked and brother sees sisters getting spanked.

  • Well hows it going. Im just going to drop my children back at their moms. Rite now the four off them are upset with daddy. I did as suggested and put soap in their mouths and spanked them all. Even my youngest again for protesting. They all used foul language before and dureing spankings. They are in their rooms crying. I told them things were going to start cjangeing. Im going to go for full custody for them. As said my x wife drinks every day. My kids are realy upset with me now though. But plan on talking with each off them before droping them back to their moms place. They are just realy confused with everything. That was first time i have ever spanked them.

  • After all you are their parent and you expect well mannered kids.Give each of them a hug and you really love them and you want them to be safe.
    If your kids behave again you know what to do.

  • Well i have given them all huggs and told them i love them. But that things were going to change. They all want too stay here. My eldest boy and girl said i cant spank them and so landed five smacks to their shorts.they asked if i can ring their mom and let them stay over tonight. I i dont think it would be a problem. I had plans to go out with copil off friends later. But id rather stay with my kids..

  • Then by all means let them stay the night.Deep down they now know you love them dearly and you are sober.

  • Well how you doing. My kids are all up except my eldest girl. So far know problems. Thanks again for letting me vent..

  • Having a fine nude morning.

  • Well glad you are haveing a nude morning. When i dont have my kids with me. I have often walked around my place naked. My three youngest are at school and my eldest is not long up. But shes being realy clingy and keeps calling me daddy. She normaly calls me dad and it sounds cute. Im thinking off takeing her for lunch and have time with her and a talk..

  • You need to have quality time with her she wants to be loved so much.Give her hugs and kisses.
    You will be doing fine I would not worry if your kids see you naked no big deal.

  • Well there and thanks. My daughters sitting on my knee and her t-shirt has rode up again and her bare p**** is pressd on my knee. I have hugged her and told her shes my baby girl and my first born. Shes crying her sitting on my knee and said like yesterday. That she wants too live here with me. Its breaking my heart as i would give my life up for them all. If could give my job up also and take care off them full time. Im going to get her to shower in few minutes and then bring her for lunch and buy her something nice. Cheers too you.

  • Help her with her shower wash her back.Everyone likes that.

  • Well i cant beleave it. I gave my daughter a bath instead off shower. It got me realy hard and had to adjust my shorts a few times. She was a little tense and nervous at first and was covering up. But i rubbed her head and hair and got her too relax. I finaly washed her all over. It was getting late and so just bathed her and dried her and put a fresh t-shirt on her. I made lunch for us bought. My other kids will be home soon and my eldest is begging to stay here again. Thanks for letting me vent.

  • She loves you dad you need to fight for custody so they can be with you all the time.
    You are doing fine.

  • Hi there and i have my wife on phone to me now deny she said they could stay. Said shes going to report me for kidnapping my own kids. Shes drunk out off her mind. My heads all over place and rang her sister again and she said shes going to drive over to her with her husband. My kids dont need this or do i. All im trying to do is be a good father and thought i was a good husband. I never said it before pal. But she used too hit me and i let it happen. I would off never hit her back as love her with all my heart and my kids used to be terrafide i feel like im looseing my mind. Im sitting here with my darlings and thinking. I could not imagine my life without them. As said earlier pal to you. Wish i could meet up with you. Im putting on a brave face for my kids and laufhging and playing with them. But inside im dyeing. I realy appreciate that i can vent to you and thank you.

  • You are going to be fine with your kids.You do need full custody this will make more stability in their lives.
    Remember to hug them and squeeze them wash their backs give them massages.Get right in the tub with them make their bathing enjoyable.

  • Hi there and thank you. I rang my wife and she was drunk on phone. I told her our kids wanted to stay again and she could barely talk on phone. I rang her sister and explained i was not sending my little ones home to their mother in that state. She agreed and said she was talking too her earlier and she sounded drunk. Its dad as i realy do love my wife. But it was not rite on our babys seeing us row. Its why i moved out and so my kids can have a safe place forba time. I asked my wife to get help and we then could go for marrige counceling. But shes stuck in a bad place. Shes a good person with an addiction. But dont want my sweeties brought up in that enviorment. Cheers for your words pal and wish had a mate like you that could open up to. My three mates are good people. But one has know kids and one is seperated and cheated on his wife and does not even want to see them and other mate has wife and kids. But just works all hours and never talks about his family. It ripped my heart out walking out on my wife and kids. But it was for best pal and i will allways be haunted and feel the guilt off my little ones faces the day i left. I thought i would die and felt my heart being tore out off my chest. My eldest is all over me pal. Thanks again.

  • Love your eldest one with all your heart.

  • Hi there and i have descided to leave them off school today. My eldest girl is in bed with me along with my youngest son. I will ring their school and tell them they wont be in. My kids were realy upst yesterday and said they want to stay here. My sister wife rang me back too say they put my wife to bed and she was staying with her and her partner went home. She also said to me too get full accsess to my kids. To be honest we bought cried on phone over my wife. As said shes not a bad person and i could live with the times she beat me. But never wanted my little ones too continue liveing with seeing it. They are all still sleeping andvim going to do something spescia with them today. You are a good person and thank you.

  • Good for you and your kids need your stability and your closeness to them.Hug them and kiss them.
    Have a great day.

  • Hi there and thank you. My kids are all washed and have eating. They could not beleave im keeping them off school. I would never allow them miss school. Unless teiir un well or have apointments. Apparantley i am from my four diffrent kids mouths the coolest, best, greatest, kindest and other flattering words. Ha. Im going too bring them to park for a while and then buy them some clothes and stuff. Then bring them for something too eat. Hopeing it tires them out even a little. They have so much energy. Im so happy haveing them here. Will be in touch dureing the day. Cheers again..

  • Have a great day.

  • Hi there and hows things. My four children are in their rooms now and im taken time out. I bought them new clothes and some games each and we had dinner out and went too park. But im going into each off them soon to warm their bums for their actions and lanuage half hour ago. But im just taken a breather. I appreciate letting me vent and express myself too you pal..

  • After you spank them do you rub cream or oil over their red butts to sooth the skin? If you have not you should start doing that.
    You will be doing well I now it is the start it will get better.

  • How you getting on and i put cream on all their butts as you said. I better get some sleep and my eldest woke up and said can she sleep with me. Im just going to lock up and switch off everything. My three youngest are going too school tomorrow. So will spend bit off qualaty time with eldest when drop them off. Your a good person and again its great to be able to vent and talk with somebody like yourself. Hope your wifes feeling better and good nite pal.

  • You are doing a fine job.Have a good night.

  • How you and forgot too add. I was on to wifes sister and shes staying with her for a while and im going too have kids for at least two or three weeks. I have not told my kids yet. Will sit them down later and talk with them..

  • How you doing and just dropped my youngest off at school. My eldest did not want too come with me to drop them off and had an attitude and was refuseing to even get out off bed. I realy held my paitents with her andvyen minutes before i had too drop youngest to school. She still refused to get out off bed. So sorry too say i yanked covers off her and she only had a short t, shirt on and barely coverd her bottom or v*****. She let out a blood curling scream and cursed at me. So yanked her up and never even gave her chance too cover up as i slapped her bottom all the way to car and she was trying to cover her bottom and front from the smacks and her youngest sister and brothers. Shes in her room now on time out and i gave her a dozen smacks on her bottom when got back home. I will call her out in half hour or so. But want her too have time too reflect on her attitude and give myself time too calm down. Whats your plan for the day pal and hows the wife this morning..

  • Plans to go out and buy flowers to plant outside.I will wear only my shorts and t shirt and sandals I quit wearing underwear years ago.Wife will wear a sun dress and sister in law a shirt and shorts ans she never wears a bra.
    Have a quiet discussion with your daughter find out what is really bothering her and do not get angry or loose temper you need to find out what is happening in her life.
    Give her a bath again love her and hug her.

  • Hi you doing and i bathed her and put cream on her bottom. I had a good talk with her and i knew it was all stuff with her mommy that has her upset and all over the place and we cried together and she fell assleep in my lap. I explained as best as i could and said her mommy loves her and that shes just ill. Shes too youngvto fully understand and asked why mommy just does not stop drinking and shes an angry little girl and said she wants too live with me. I told her that they will be with me for next three weeks and that im going to do everything too keep her and her sister and brothers with me. I brought her out for lunch and bought her some ear rings and chain. Shes now all over me and has asked if she can sleep in my bed tonight. Thanks again pal and i think you and your family are wonderfull and careing people..

  • It is good that you let her sleep with you makes her feel special.
    You are doing great.

  • Hi you doing and thanks. I explained too rest off my kids that they will be staying here for at least three weeks. Its hard too talk to kids about drink and so told them that mommys not well. There was all sorts off questions. But answerd them best i could and hugged them all and had a group hug. I have put my youngest to bed allmost an hour ago. There was a bit off whining and given out. But told them its bedtime and thats final. Want them too get a routine. My two sons were being cheeky and so just spanked them twice over their shorts and it was enoufgh. I tucked the three off them in and am now going too watch a movie with my eldest. She hardley left my side all day. I made us bought popcorn and am haveing a beer and gave my daughter a juice. Shes cheeky and asked if she could have a beer. I messed back and said off course baby. But if daddy ever catches you then your bottom will be very sorry and she went a little red and rubbed her bottom over her t, shirt. Hows things with you pal and thanks again..

  • I just got back with a bunch of plants some work for me Thursday.
    Sounds like you and daughter are having lap time and cuddling.
    You are on target.

  • Hi and thank you. She fell assleep dureing movie and i put her to bed. Im catching up on news. As my little one picked the movie. Beauty and the beast. Thank you again and im just hanging in there pal..

  • You will prevail take a deep breath love your kids no matter what. Everyone will be happy.

  • Hi and good morning too you and wife. My eldest was talking in her sleep last night and woke up screaming and was swetting. It took me allmost an hour too calm her down and get her back too sleep. Even when i went too make her hot chocalete and get her glass off water. She did not want me to leave the room. It was breaking my heart with stuff she said in her sleep. I took off her t- shirt and pulled covers off us bought. She objected at first and not given out. But in a stern voice i said thats enoufgh baby and daddys trying to make you better. She drank all the water and only took mouth full off hot chocalete. But i rubbed her head, neck, back.bottom and legs and she went too slerp as said. Just before she fell assleep she said i love you daddy. I just turned her around and wrapped my arm around her and held her close. Shes totaly wiped out now and im shatterd also. But im after calling my youngest and have breakfast ready for them. They asked if we could visit their aunt today. Thats my sistets wife i told you about and also want too visit their other aunt and uncle. Which is my brother and his wife. I told them yes and their thrilled and said they want too make them cards and stuff. I will ask if my wifes sister can drop over tomorrow or meet some place. I dont want them to go back too my wifes house were their aunt has being last few days. So today i will bring them too my brothers place. Im going too give youngest two a hand pal. My eldest boy has come down just now and said youngest two are fighting. I dont want them waken my eldest baby. Im going too let her sleep till she wakes up. Thanks for your kind words and you are a good bloke..

  • When someone is sweating so it is better to get nude sleeping is better that way the bodies temperature regulates better.
    You are doing great.

  • Hi you doing and my eldest did not get up out off bed till eleven. She was shatterd tired and rest off kids will be home soon. Hows your day going pal..

  • Did you get some cuddling time with her?

  • Hi you doing and just home with youngest kids and told them too get ready. I did cuddle with my eldest for bit when she got up. If honest she got me hard as she sat on my lap with legs either side and her little p**** all bare..

  • Erections will happen and if she feels it is normal do not worry about it even if it would be skin to skin contact.At home in the beginning of marriage I would wear a robe around the house no underwear did not like underwear any way.
    I often had skin to skin contact when spanking or lap sitting.

  • Hi you getting on and im going to be leaveing my brother and his family soon. I had too spank the four off my kids little while ago..

  • Some take longer than others to learn.

  • Hi and were home and put four off them to bed straight away. They were not happy about being spanked in front off their aunt and uncle. My eldest son and daughter were realy embarassed. Hows you day going..

  • Doing great and you are doing good also.

  • Hi and thank you so much. I just locked up for the night pal and looked in on my kids. Their all sleeping and my eldest had covers off and took off her clothes and had her hand between her legs. I just coverd her back up. Im going too get some sleep. But thank you again pal and good night...

  • She is masturbating and it is normal.

  • Hi there and my youngest kids are in school. My eldest is still sleeping and going too wake her up now. I dont want her sleeping too long or she wont sleep later. My wifes sister is not free today. But said she will drop over tomorrow. Kids will be delightet and my eldest woke up again in middle off night screaming and crying. Have you any plans for today pal. I think i will bring kids off this afternoon..

  • Your eldest daughter was having nightmares.You should constantly tell her you love her hug her and kiss her.She needs your love and stability.
    You are going to be fine.

  • Hi you doing and my youngest kids will be home soon. I spent over an hour hugging and holding my eldest daughter. She said too me i should not be spanking her. I just said if shes good and does as shes told. Then daddy wont have to spank her. I did not let her see me smile though. When she said shes too old for getting spanked. At barely thirteen and thinks shes grown up. I played with her for a bit and before she got off my lap. I turned her over and pulled up her t shirt and ayfully spanked her bottom a dozen times and said. This little bottom will never be too old for daddy to spank if it needs to be spanked. She reached back and rubbed it and her little face was bright red. I rubbed it for a few minutes and she closed her eyes. I then gave her another just one but a good smack on her bottom again and said. There baby girl and remember what daddy said. She went into her room rubbing her bare bottom...

  • Sounds like she is getting it that it is better to obey.
    Good work.
    You should put lotion on all her body and rub it in she will enjoy it.

  • Hi you doing and the wifes sister will be over soon. Im going too make lunch for us all and go out for ice cream. The kids are so excited. My eldest is refuseing too get out off bed now though and i called her twice allready. I will give her another few minutes...

  • It is possible that your girl is masturbating that is why she does not want to leave the bed.
    Good that you are having some help today with kids.
    You are doing fine.

  • Hi you doing and my kids had a great day and were thrilled to see their aunt. She not long gone and helped me put my kids too bed earlier. We had a good talk and she again asked me to go for full accsess. I did have to spank my eldest daughter in front off her. She told me i did rite and said those babys need stability...

  • You can give them that stability.Go get them fight for them.

  • Thanks and i have packed a lunch for us kids and going too bring them too beach and drop into a friend off mine and his family. I have not seeing them in a long time. I will talk with solicitor in next few days. I dont want too hurt my wife. But my kids need to come first and feel safe...

  • You need custody of your children first .Your wife needs help with her alcohol addiction.

  • Hows things and thank you. Im going too meet somebody tomorrow regarding my kids. My sister in law as said to you. Told me she will watch my eldest girl while im meeting the person. My youngest will e in school. I quite anxious if im honest. I just want my kids too be loved and feel safe. Thanks again for letting me vent..

  • You can do it and have stability for your kids.

  • Cheers and im with my eldest girl now. Will collect my youngest soon from school. Hope you and family are well and i would love too get full accsess off my kids...

  • Hope the legal system grants your custody.

  • Appreciate that and hope too get good advice tomorrow. Had a copil off incidents earlier. My youngest are put too bed. But have my eldest sitting up with me...

  • Quality time with your eldest.

  • She fell assleep sitting on my lap mate and i put her in my bed and am sitting down haveing a beer....

  • So cute when they are like that got to love them.

  • I know and the way she was sleeping on me and know panties and legs open. Ashamed too say i realy enjoed the sight off her little hairless slit and c***..

  • It is a nice sight.You just want to kiss it.

  • Dont like too say it. But yes for sure and was just cute though. She is still sleeping now. My sister in law was over at seven and helped me get my kids stuff ready for school. Shes on her way back here now and dropped my youngest too school for me and will keep eye on my eldest girl. I will have a coffee and chat with her before i head off. Shes realy good too back me up considering shes my wifes sister. She is a good person and a good mom too her kids also. Depending on how long i will be at this meeting. But she has offerd to collect my youngest from school. I will give her permission too discipline my kids if she needs too. She spoke too me this morning and asked if i liked. Her and her husband would take the kids over night. Im not realy sure though as things are all up in the air. She is telling me i need time out on my own and too meet up with some mates. Im just realy not sure and dont want too upset my kids. I appreciate i can bounce things off you mate. I know i said beforebi have three good mates. But as said i cant talk with them likebi am here. Cheers and please wish me look. O and hope the wifes ok..

  • Hows things and solicitor said it will be a long and toufgh road. My kids are out playing. My eldest was not wanting too play outside. Shes being all over me for last while. But wanted too talk with sister in law. She is as i said a good person and had picked my youngest up from school. She said my eldest was being a little cheeky a copil off times and she told her too behave. So after third time she cracked her bottom a few times. She said it seemed too do the trick and she was ok after it. Shes asking me too let her and her husband take them over night. I feel selfish if i say yes and yet it would be good for kids and me. I appreciate i can talk with you like this....

  • Giving you a break would be nice. It is your choice to make.

  • Hows things pal and each off my kids were spanked earlier...

  • Kids being naughty again.

  • How are you and wife was on phone most off the day drunk and given me abuse. She has also being ringing house phone and my eldest daughter got too it first. She called my eldest little girl names and said she's a trater. My elfest asked what that meant and was so upset and crying most off the morning while my youngest kids were in school. She now wont leave my side and begged me not to let her go home. She reveald something terribale too me also and im ready too go to prison for what happend her. I took house phone off hook and am ignoreing texts and calls. Should add she then started texting and ringing my eldests phone. But i had took her phone off her. She is upset with me a bit for taken it. But i told her too trust daddy. My headsball over the place as said. My eldest wont leave my side and youngest are just looking for attention also. Sorry for going on pal...

  • What was so terrible that your daughter revealed to you? Something her mother did to her?
    Vent all you want.

  • One off the blokes my wife was with hit my wife and touched my doll.

  • Were the police involved in this altercation?Is your eldest daughter OK ?

  • Hope your ok and thank you for listening too me..

  • All is OK now my wife had a walking problem her one leg did not want to support as she tried to walk.
    I would think that your daughter would have the right to live with who she wants and that is with her dad.

  • Cheers and im all over the place at moment. My wife realy was bad today on phone and i have saved message and recorded some off the calls. I will be fine and im only concernd more for my kids. Especialy my eldesy and what my wife said and what happend too her. She acted up realy bad this evening. I waa tempted too give her a good spanking. But i cracked her bottom a few times. She sat beside me the whole time..

  • Did your girl get raped by that guy?

  • She said he slapped my wife and she shoutted at him. He smacked her butt and then later put his hand up her skirt and also touched her b***. She is not even have a training bra...

  • That is no place for your daughter she is much safer in your arms.

  • Cheers and thank you. She is in bed beside me..

  • A comforting place to be.Snuggling on your chest.

  • My two eldest were fighting today and wife was on phone again today..

  • She still agitating you and the kids.

  • Yes and eldest is realy upset and youngest kids are in bed. Sitting watching tv now with eldest. How is yourself and wife doing..

  • Right now relaxing wife is doing better.
    Is your eldest sitting on your lap watching TV ?

  • She is and she is still being real clingy. My wife realy upset her and it is horribale too watch my eldest so upset...

  • Let her be clingy let her rest her face on your bare skin. Let her feel secure.

  • I have and i carried her into my bed as she fell assleep. But asked earlier if she could sleep in with me...

  • She wants to feel you next to her and she will feel safe because daddy will protect her.

  • Cheers and hope she sleeps rite through tonight. As she has being waken up with nighmares and in swets. She has being though so much as has my youngest kifs. But because she is the oldest. I know my wife would get her too do alot at home and too watch youngest onrs. But she is just a child and needs too be able too live like the little girl she is. As i look at her now. She at least looks so peace full...

  • She is nude right and when you sleep are you nude I hope.Skin to skin contact has been found to be a very calming thing for babies so guys at the hospital visiting their wives are told when they are holding their babies to take off their shirt so the baby has skin to skin contact.

  • My heads all over the place here. My wife turned up at my place and gave lots off abuse. She was realy drunk and one pint hit me in front off kids at door. I had told my kids too stay inside and their just kids. She shouted abuse at my eldest again. Their all so upset and especialy eldest. Im shatterd here if im honest. Friend off mine just happend too ring and wants tovdrop over with his wife and kids. I dont have head for it. But beleave it will be a distracion for my poor kids. Cheers and thanks....

  • Your ex needs help real bad.To do that one must admit they have a problem.
    Have your friend over and have a good time.

  • Cheers and they stayed over and every body is still sleeping. Im glad you gave me the push too tell to come over. It took my kids minds off things for a bit. My eldest was still realy clingy and hardley left my side. But had too force her in the end too go play with other kids. I feltbso bad though ok and had to so could talk with my friend and his wife. How are you and your family getting on and thanks again. We are all going too do something nice today..

  • Doing as well as we can.I am happy your day went well.

  • Thank you again. But my kids are acting up bad here. My friend and his family have left.

  • The kids need love and because of situation with their mom they do not know how to handle it.They need stability in their life and hope that day is very near.

  • Thank you and their all in bed now. They have not had it easy and i cant help feeling guilty for them....

  • Love them with all your being.

  • She is sleeping beside me and has woke up again with nighmares..

  • Rub her body to sooth her.

  • Will do it now pal..

  • My little girl begged me not too tell her mommy and i am taken it one step at a time. She is in my bed now and told me earlier again not to let her go back too my wifes place...

  • Yes they were cheecky at sister in laws place pal...

  • I am sure you will do fine.

  • Guess so and she looked a little cute. Will be in touch tomorrow pal. Once again thanks again for letting me vent. My poor kids dont have it easy at all with their mom drinking all the time. Makes me feel guilty and all i want to do is protect them...

  • Hi you doing and i just spanked them all and they are in bed now. I will do as you said pal with ceam. Thanks for letting me vent too you pal..

  • Good to hear your doing great.

  • U there...

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