My sister in-laws panties

I was in the restroom at my in-laws and needed a q-tip. As I searched on top of the counter I got curious and looked under. Lo and behold my sister-in-laws clothes from the previous day. I was h**** and saw her panties just laying there and I’ve been wanting to f*** her for a really long time now so I took them and smelled them. Her p**** scent was so magnificent! It didn’t have a p*** smell really it was more of just what it would smell like normally. So at first I sniffed and started masturbating...then I wrapped them around my c*** right where the crotch is and continued. As the feeling of the soft fabric on my c*** felt great, the smell still had me so I took them from my c*** and inhaled all I could get and kept masturbating until I came. That day was the best maturbation I’ve ever had.

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  • My SIL lives with us and I am constantly jerking off into her bras and underwear. I love the smell of her p**** and that s*** makes my d*** so hard.

  • I got to nail my sister-in-law a number of times. So f****** hot. Best s** ever!

  • Agreed, I have a hot sister in law and I love to stroke myself with her soft white lacy panties and bras while I imagine her watching me. When I find her fresh undies and inhale the scent of her s**, it makes me throb. I love to finish deep in the silky folds of her lingerie.

  • I've sniffed my cousin's panty who is 6 years older than me. She has a huge bulge. So smelling her used panty was one of the best jerking off experience of my life.

  • You should ask her for the pantie she has on next time.

  • I'm just commenting because no one else commented and that's such a pity because your naughty little self indulgence deserves something.

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