Kissing husbands & a taste of vag

My husband and I went out to the lake with a couple of friends to relax, drink, and have fun. We did some fishing, a little paddle boating, cooked some food. We stayed overnight in separate cabins. By the late afternoon we were all pretty sloshed, but my friend Cara qualified as certifiably drunk. She came back from peeing and, stumbling along the way, put her arms around her husband and gave him a long, sloppy kiss.

My husband said, "Wow, now that is a hot kiss, I want one like that." Cara looked at me and somewhat slurred "Can I?" I was surprised, but it seemed innocent enough, so I said sure. She and my husband started kissing pretty seriously, tongues and all.

Cara's husband came over and wanted one from me, and that was fine. He's handsome and I wanted to see if he was a good kisser. We started slow, but we started making out pretty good. We eventually had the guys lie on the grass, we straddled them, and we continued to kiss each other's guys for another five minutes or so. It was fun, like something you do in high school or something.

The problem was when we were finishing our little make-out session. I looked over and Cara ran a couple of fingers inside her panties under her skirt, pulled them out, and had my husband lick them clean. She was obviously hot and wet for my husband and wasn't afraid to let him know about it.

I said that was "crossing the line" and we had a chat about it right then and there. It took a couple of minutes for things to cool out, and she apologized, but I couldn't believe that she did that. Playful kissing is one thing, but giving my husband a taste of her v***** was a sexual act, imo, and a major intrusion into my marriage. That night I gave my husband an earful too, for tasting her fingers, but I still don't think he really got where I was coming from. The next morning everyone acted like nothing happened, but I still wonder what the h*** is wrong with someone to think that behavior of that type is okay. smh.


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  • When I'm feeling h**** but my bf is more interested in watching TV I put my finger in my p****, get it wet with my juices, and then put it in his mouth. As soon as he gets the taste of my p**** he's wanting to suck my t*** and get his face between my legs. It works every time. I think your friend probably had the same idea.

  • Yes ur hubby is thinking. I want Cara c*** in my mouth and believe me he will have it very soon. They both want it. And deep down I think you want a new c*** to play with.

  • Once you're straddling each other's guy, you can't be too shocked at a little finger licking. After all, that's something high-schoolers have been known to do as well.

  • You are obviously out of your head not to see that things wouldn't escalate.

  • Yeah...Cara's lipstick would be there on your husband's d*** for prepared

  • You're writing this, coming off as a female. Okay, now put this in perspective mach I. First, YOU are second here. You don't make the rules because your emotions speak toward EVERY word you write or think. Plus you're most likely sloshed when you wrote it. Look, being adults you are well aware that when drinking gets involved, ALL BETS ARE OFF. You don't start trying to make rules even after the first cocktail. Once alcohol is involved, you all made that major decision ; there is no determining when a "line is crossed" after that. If lines are required, you make it as a group prior to the imbibing. Trying to make excuses post event is ludicrous too. You 4 are amateurs at adult combinations. Furthermore, you're all foolish liberals ; obvious from your ridiculous decisions & behavior. Your posting here further indicates how much of a mental disease liberalism seriously is.

  • WTF?

  • It was probably the fish. Not vag

  • LOL! Love it!

  • And somehow pure little you gets to decide where the line is

  • ^ exactly. OP needs to get over her princess self

  • h**** b--ch

  • You went too far to begin with but your friend Cara is not your friend.

  • Keep an eye on both of them

  • Gross

  • Well, it sounds like she was just really drunk. But kissing each other's guys like that?!? wtf.

  • You do realize that they're still hooking up, right? I mean, right?

  • What, you clearly know how to butcher a language, fool.

  • You don't know how to read.

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