I love young dirty panties

I know it is wrong and it is very embarrassing.

But I love to smell lick and play with young preteen dirty panties.

Especially love the ages of 6 to 13 they are so hot that's when your little panties on the best !!!!!!

If there are any others out there who feel the same please hit me back

Also if there are any Dad's or mom's or uncles or Grandma's who will please send me a pair and their young daughters or preaching daughter's dirty panties I would be most appreciative I don't have very much money and I am on SSI and I am disabled so if you can please send me some panties I would leave so happy when you respond please please please respond with your daughter's age race and all her measurements and also what kind of panties she wears !!!!!!

When you respond I will send you the address where to send Thunder where I am not going to put my address on this main page also if you could please send me some pictures I would be also very very appreciative thank you so much for your time God bless you !!!!!!

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  • I want some dirty little girl panties and the girls that are wearing them

  • Let's get there bro, i want some dirty young girl panties, and the girls that are wearing them

  • I also love to sniff and lick young girls dirty panties while I j*******. I have 3 daughters Jess 7 Sarah 11 and Joanne 14 I love to sniff and lick their dirty panties every day. I am actually sniffing a pair of Jess's dirty panties as we speak, they are slightly musky with a hint of sweat and pee. I love to show pics of their dirty panties and then be told what you would like to do with their little panties. Email me for pics of their dirty little panties.

  • Hi hot i bet her little 7 year old panties smell so good
    i would love to smell them to !!!!!! can i see all of your grils dirty panties
    can you please send me some !!!!!!! thank you

  • Will you include pictures of their panties and picture of the 11 and 14 year old?

  • I love young girl panties myself. The scent is amazing. Especially after they start masturbating. The sweet p**** juice in their panties is mesmerizing. I loved my daughters. Had a fresh supply all the time. I miss them. lol

  • Nieces from 2 up to 11, mmmmmmmmmmmm sniff, lick, c** in them

  • Please send me some of their dirty panties.

    Kelly Rodriguez
    81 professional center parkway
    San Rafael ca 94901

  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut dau. (Now late teens) my lil girl Megan from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear
    Love to chat about my daughtr Meg most evenings at www.tlk.io/megan NO PASSWORD NEEDED , my email is daddyuk123@gmail.com - i also LOVE to meet other pervs and w*** and suck them with n thru her underwear as im cuckolded insulted teased told filthy taboo tales of her and sissied even

  • These messages have made me C**

  • You there

  • STFU !

  • Ten year old masterbates in front off us all the time..

  • Could I watch please?

  • Is she naked win she does it ??

    Can I see her and some pictures of her naked please 😛

  • I want to se too please, I will w*** for her

  • Sometimes shes is naked..

  • Little barbie knickers omg.

  • My daughter wears little Barbie knickers. she looks so sweet

  • I would love her knickers

  • I know how sweet they look I see a girl in a house I worked in. Wearing them

  • Mmmmm
    Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Megan N from Widnes, Oakfield primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear
    Chatting NOW and most evening at www.tlk.io/megan NO PASSWORD NEEDED

  • Do you like barbie knickers.


  • Will be you send me a pair if I give you a address

  • Kelly Rodriguez
    81 professional center parkway.
    San Rafael ca 94901

    Please send me one with her discharge in them. Thank you.

    How old is she.


  • How old is she

  • It is too risky. But can tell you any stories you like.....

  • Please email me daddyuk123@gmail.com

  • What do you wanna talk about barbie knickers

  • Please tell more stories

  • Just ask any? You like...

  • Has she ever seen your p**** or touched or played with them

  • Mmmm I was working in a house last week young girl little knighty on legs open what a view was talking to her mum about her house so hard not to look.

  • Did you see her hairless c--t?

  • Guessing know panties and how old was she. My daughters sit on my lap in just panties and naked most times..

  • She was 10 I think. Her c*** looked lovely

  • Love 10 yr old hairless c--t

  • So sweet and will you see her again. Maybe she did it on purpose as my daughters as said sit on my lap naked alot off the time..

  • I don’t know if she did it on purpose i just said hello to her and she was smiling as she was eating her lollipops. Yes I will see her as I got work to do.

  • Trust me it was on purpose. Was she bald and what dis she look like...

  • You think she done it on purpose omg. They start young now days

  • Yes she did for sure. My own daughters do things in front off me all the time and one off their little friends is allways comeing onto me also...

  • Omg really their little friends just think she’s playing a game with u don’t think she was coming on to you lol what stuff was she doing.

  • She will wait till nobody is looking and flash me. She arrives wareing panties under her skirt and then removes them. Also she will come sit on my lap and place my hand on her knee.....

  • F*** her she wants it

  • And how old is she and dus you’re hand stay on her knees

  • She is 11 and i tickle her sometime and she squirms all over and her short dresse or skirt raises up...

  • Dus you’re hand slide up onto her juicy young c***.

  • Not yet too be honest. But realy close and she closes her eyes at times and rest back against me....

  • Oh ok. When I see that girls c*** last week I just kept stairing she was sitting on the kitchen table and I was talking to her mum about fixing her floor tiles.

  • So cute and i guarantee you will see more. My daughters are haveing two off their friends on a sleep over later...

  • Lol well I hope she doesn’t keep showing her c*** when I’m working

  • Did you enjoy the view..

  • Yes I did. For some reason.

  • Its natural. They are so cute and sweet and know what their up too.....

  • How do they know what they are doing.

  • I dont realy know how too explain it. But i have two daughters as said and they do so much teaseing. When ever they sit on my lap in panties or naked. They allways wiggle around and sit on my d***. Takes so much not too do anything....

  • Don't resist they love getting it touched

  • Yes it’s funny because as I was talking to the girl at the house and she was asking her mum what dress to wear and the girl said to me what one do I like. And I said wear something cool because it’s hot out.

  • The little mynx has a crush on you and are you single as you could ask her mother out. Thats if she is a single mom and do you know them well. My daughters friends are on the way over...

  • I know them well only seen the daughter a few times as she’s always at school when I’m there but I had to pop in at the weekend to ask her mum what tiles she wanted ant the daughter answered the door in her knickers and vest. I thought I was at the wrong house until the mum came down stairs. I think she has a boyfriend.

  • My pint is she took off her panties too try on some dresses after answering door in vest and panties. Then suddenly her panties are gone from under her little dresse. Did she know you were calling by..

  • Yes when she opened the door she said are you the floor man lol. Standing in front of me in her little barbie knickers

  • Thats realy cute and she knew you were comeing so. Try find out if mom is single and do some more work around house. I realy think she has little crush on you though..

  • Lol yes but what if she has a crush on me.

  • Just let her make all the moves and stuff. She will touch you and want too sit on your lap and hang around with you. She sounds realy cute and were her panties tight on her..

  • Yes her knickers we’re tight

  • Well enjoy the view and let her make the moves as said. My daughters friends will be here soon...

  • Ok well I wouldn’t let her make moves on me. Lol what are your daughters friends like then

  • My daughters are nine and eleven and bought blonde with blue eyes. Eldest has a little bubble butt and youngest has a tiny little ass and when spank her. One hand covers bought butt cheeks. Bought their hairs is long and reaches their butts. Bought do gymnastics, soccer and dance classes...

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm both lovely hairless p****'s

  • I like blonde hair your going to have a lot ov boys trying to chat them up as they grow up I think a little bum is so sexy.

  • Thank you and allready see boys around them. Especialy my eldest one and i have too keep eye on her as she is a bit bold. She has being spanked a few times for makeing out with even older boys...

  • It was weird but I wanted to push my toungue deep into her little bald c*** that what I was thinking as her mum was talking to me.

  • Trust me and know how you feel. I can keep you posted on my own daughters and her friends if you like. How many children do yous have and did yous spank them grown up....

  • What’s ur daughters c*** like. You seen it all open and wet. Not into spanking.

  • We only spank as part off discipline and yes see them bought wide open and even see them masterbateing.....

  • Did unopened them up ur self and who has the best c***. Out of the two of them

  • Never done it myself. But when their sitting on my lap naked or wife or i are spanking them then its when i see them. Our eldest girls is more prominent. But still realy small...

  • I’m married so won’t ask the mother out lol

  • Yes totally bald she was skinny with long brown hair.

  • Did you get too see her c***. You can ask me any?s you like about my daughters. Have you got children.....

  • My children have all. Grown up. Yes I did get to see her c***.

  • Please send me a pic of her and her naked

  • Lots off ditffrent panties.

  • Do you look at her c***

  • My daughters are 9 and 11...

  • Hot I bet they are so cute do they have b**** how big are their b**** are their p****** hairy or bald .

    What kind of panties do you wear what color what type would you please be able to send me a couple of pictures of them naked and their vaginas and t***.

    What are their names would you please send me a pair of each other dirty underwear let me know and I will give you the address where to send them thank you so much I really appreciate it

  • Their bought blonde and blue eyes. Their hair reaches too their little butts and bought are still haiess. Eleven year old has little breast buds. Only buy them useual little panties. They sit ony lap naked sometimes...

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn I want to see them naked

  • I would love to have a pair of these ditty parties

  • Please tell me detailed taboo filth of what a cheap council estate chavvy cumslut child my lil girl Meganfrom Widnes, Oa----ld primary school is for local old men and even K9 c*** n s**** , love idea of her insulting and cucking me if she knew I wear and w*** with n share her underwear mmm - daddyuk123@gmail.com

  • They feel amazeing. The 11 year old taste sweeter.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm licking toddler p**** or preteen is hot

  • Nice can I see a picture of them

  • Ewwww dirty pedophile. Go kill yourself.

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