After we came home from our belated Honeymoon Sherry seamed to be quiet and withdrawn as though in real life she regretted what she had down so we sat down one evening and talked about it and she admitted that it was very exciting to be with another man after 10 years of married life and her o****** were very intense with him but it was so wrong her being married and all.
I was puzzled to because I did feel a little jealous watching him and her but god that was the best p*** I had ever watched before and she asked didn't it even bother you watching another man on top of me and I admitted that it did but it was also soooooo erotic and I had to admit I would gladly watch her do it again.
I suspect this is what she wanted to hear because right away she said if that's what you want I would be willing to try it but only if you want me to.
I grabbed at it like a starving man for a hamburger and that is when we began to negotiate and lay down rules first I was only to watch and join in on occasion but I was not allowed to find other women just be with her and help out when I could so we started planning our future.
and we made many mistakes her first lover was a friend of ours that had been trying to get into her pants for a long time and we did it one day while I was at work and she later told me Roger had come over like he sometimes did and she invited him in and they were drinking coffee and talking then she picked up the coffee cups and took them to the sink to wash them but Roger had followed her and when she was washing the cups he stepped up behind her and put his hands on her waist and she froze standing there and Roger was breathing hard and she knew what he wanted and all of a sudden with all of our planning on how to get her laid it was a great opportunity so she turned to face him and the embraced and kissed then Roger went nuts clawing at her and roughly squeezing her b****** painfully then they awkwardly walked into the living room still kissing and he was mauling her b****** as they went and then she was on her back on the carpet with him above her pulling her skirt up around her waist grunting like a pig and her blouse was open with one breast exposes and swollen from his teeth biting her and he raised up struggling to unzip his pants and when his c*** was out she reached down to feel it and was disappointed that it was so small He pushed her panty's to one side then he was in her with his head on the carpet beside her grunting like an animal and out of pure excitement she came very quickly but then just laid there waiting for him to finish up and when he did they were both very uncomfortable with each other and he quickly dressed and left.
He has never been back so I think he was ashamed of what he did and Sherry admitted although it had been exciting she was a little disappointed also and then we discovered online dating sites.

Jun 30, 2018

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    Could make it even more romantically intense!

  • No I am afraid not but thanks anyway.

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