No s**

I don't really care for s**. I can't stand to see myself naked yet alone letting others. My ex fiancee,he passed away, was the only one I felt comfortable naked around. We still didn't have much s**. I just did it for him. Even if I get turned on, as soon as we start getting intimate it disappears. Of course I faked it. Didnt want him feeling like it was his problem. I don't even touch myself intimately. Just for hygiene and whatnot. Being touched makes me feel weird and uncomfortable. I love erotic novels, guess since I don't do it I read about others. 3 years with no sexual contact at all. Not even a cuddle. A 35 year old fat lady with 0 o******. Not really missing it. Just miss being with someone.

Jul 12, 2018

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  • You are not alone! Bumping uglies is so overrated it's ridiculous. Even people considered hot by society smell bad and have awkward moments, and for what? Nothing that can't be handled by your hand or a toy, which are totally under your own control. There's also no need to worry about STDs, pregnancy, or Fatal Attraction drama. But since so many people seem to be so driven by it, you can use that against them.

  • I can totally relate to you!! Ex-gf passed away a few years ago... I was loyal and faithful to her for the 5 years we were together. Since losing her I have lost interest in s**, gone! 😕 I'm 33. It's weird but I am who I am. I have lots of awesome friends and great family around me 😊. I miss my ex and the amazing s** we had, but it's not the end of the world. Life must continue!

  • Sounds like a horrible way to live

  • You need a serious f***

  • Not real big on reading comprehension, are ya Sparky?

  • You have never taken it can you be so sure

  • Not real big on reading comprehension, are ya Sparky!

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