Pinned and punished and humiliated by my big butt mom

My 44 year-old mom works as a waitress and as always real busy I'm 16 there be a senior in high school and I recently started smoking pot and have been hanging out with some people that I probably shouldn't my mom's divorced and we've been our house together two years by ourselves she's about 5/8 and 150 lb with a skinny waist and a great big butt she walks around the house sometimes in her white work shirts and pantyhose and I have to say I do notice because hey I'm 16 I got home around 10:30 the other night my eyes were red she been off work weather like in the door she screamed at me I told her she could f*** off as I walk towards my bedroom she came around and tackled me right in our dining room and before I knew it I was pinned helplessly underneath my mom's big butt she grabbed my arms and pin them over my head and I couldn't believe how helpless I felt I told her to get her fat ass off me she smirked down at me and she said no not hardly mister I was so embarrassed it's so humiliating. She sat up it's cute it up to my chest and pinned both of my arms with your knees and slowly tied the shirt and knot in front and roll her sleeves up on her white button-down I had noticed that all she was wearing was pantyhose and a black waist belt of all things around the waist making it look narrow and her big butt look huge she proceeded to sit on me for an hour and a half and we talked a lot about everything about the last 15 minutes I noticed myself getting hard and i was a bundle of sweat and she put my d*** right between her butt cheeks and rub it back and forth as she sat on me teasing me more .

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  • Did you c**?

  • Could I see you in WWE..

  • I mean both you

  • This is a really long run-on sentence. I hope that you learn to write better before they give you a diploma. The story is nice, though.

  • Hail to world's greatest mom

  • Hopefully you e*********.

  • Really?

  • Love to meet your mum I live in llanbradach south Wales UK my name Gareth

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