My love of panties

My love of panties began when I was very young. I started masturbating when I was ten years old, back when all the department stores still sent out catalogs. The lingerie section was the best. I loved seeing all those women in their bras and panties and slips and nighties. That's how it was for several years. All of my adolescent masturbation material was women's lingerie and clothing magazines. I grew up with three women in the house. My mom and an older and younger sister. Let me be clear that there was never a physical attraction for any of them. I just always loved women's undergarments. Sometimes if I was home alone I would go to my moms room and take a slip out of her drawer, take of my clothes and put it on. I always got erections immediately! There was a full length mirror and I would stand there and admire my hard- on under the fabric. Then I would slide the slip up and down over the head of my c*** until it would start to ooze pre-c**. The silky fabric felt so wonderful sliding up and down over my c*** and tickling my b****. It wasn't until years later that I realized that's what it was always about for me... the look and feel of the fabric. I never wore or masturbated in any of my moms or sisters panties. I wanted to but just thought it would be weird, but bras and panties and lingerie have always turned me on as far back as I can remember. So that's the way it went for a few years. When I was twelve I discovered playboy and that was a favorite j*** off material whenever I could get one. I still mainly stuck with women's clothing catalogs because of the beautiful women modeling not just clothes, but also swimsuits and bras and panties. It turns me on much more than just seeing naked women spreading there legs. I like the tease. I never actually jerked off with a pair of panties until I was 18 years old. I was at my friends house hanging out. We had been friends for years and I was there alot. His mom was single and I was always attracted to her. She wasn't gorgeous but she wasn't ugly either. She was very petite. Only about 5 foot 2 and slender. Anyway, I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and as I was enjoying a nice p*** it occurred to me that there might be a pair of her panties in the hamper. So when I finished I opened the hamper and took a peek. As luck would have it there were one pair of her panties in there. I took them out and held them up. I am now 40 years old but I still remember vividly the sight of those panties in my hands. They were a pale yellow with a sweet little bow at the center of the waist band. A basic pair of low cut briefs, a size 6 , thin cotton material. I pressed them against my face and inhaled deeply the sweet scent of her most intimate of intimates. I should probably mention here that I was a virgin until I was 22. I've always loved women but was terrified to talk to them. After having smelled the sweet smell of a women for the first time I just couldn't help myself, I knew I had to have them. I was afraid though that if I put them in the pocket of my shorts someone may notice the bulge. So, I pulled my shorts off and gently pulled those panties up over my c*** and b****. I had a raging erection before I even got them on, so then I had a different bulge to worry about. I was pretty fit back in those days but those panties were still fairly snug so I positioned my erection so it ran length wise with the front panel of the panties pressing it against my was barely contained underneath the thin cotton of those sexy panties, but my t- shirt was kinda long and I hoped no one would notice my steel hard-on. This all took place in less than two minutes and then I was back in my buddies room. His girlfriend had come over shortly after that so I had the perfect reason to excuse myself and leave, making sure that I stopped to say goodbye to his mother on my way out. Just briefly talking to her as I left got me even more turned on. As I got in my car to drive away I decided I would stop by the local video store before I went home so I could peruse the movies in the in the p*** section. By the time I got there I had been carrying around a raging hard-on for about 40 minutes and looking at all that p*** and wearing her panties(the first time I had ever worn a pair of panties mind you) feeling that delicate feminine fabric pressing against my c*** and b**** I thought I may explode at any moment! Finally I made my selection and went to check out. I imagined what the girl behind the counter would think if she knew I was wearing a pair of pretty panties under my shorts. When I got home I stand it no longer. I ran immediately to my room and tore off my clothing. There was a very large and gooey stain of pre-c** covering most of the bulbous head of my c*** and moving down the shaft as well. I grabbed hold of it whole heartedly with my right hand, half of it sticking out of the top of the panties and the rest wrapped in luscious panty material under my fist. It took only a few hard stroke's before I erupted in the most intense o***** I had ever had at that point in my life. I jerked off two more times, taking it slow and thoroughly enjoying myself in all my pantied glory, before removing those c** soaked incredible panties. I kept them for quite some time, cleaning them whenever possible, but it's difficult to sneak around with panties when you still live with your parents. I eventually threw them out, as much as I hated to do so and I never took another pair of her panties, as much as I wanted to. But that was it for me. I have been a panty Freek ever since. Just saying the word... Panties.. I love it. Nowadays my favorite panties are Vanity Fair. The high waisted full cut briefs. They are so silky smooth and feel extraordinary against my body. I am divorced and have raised my son on my own since he was one year old. His is now twelve. My ex thought it was really weird and perverted that I love panties so much and never wanted to indulge in my panty fantasies with me. My hope is that one day will find a woman who loves panties as much as I do and loves to have man to indulge in all of her dirtiest panty fantasies with her. I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. Panties are wonderful and meant to be enjoyed and seen, otherwise they wouldn't make them so dam delicious and sexy!

Jul 23, 2018

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  • Thats how i got my start. Sears catalogue . My neighbor wore sears full satin briefs so having a scented pair of hers on my nose and a silky pair wrapped around my c*** was so enjoyable until I got caught by her...the story about that is on here.

  • Wonder how many times he used the word panties in that?!!!😅

  • Reading that was so hot, I get really excited. I have a similar past, growing up in a household of women and always admiring women's bodies in feminine things. I didn't play with lingerie until I met my wife and started looking at her sexy younger sister. When I was alone in their house I used to play with her beautiful silky white bras and panties and they made me have the most incredible finishes. Today I still play with beautiful underwear whenever I can, and I love taking beautiful girls shopping for pretty clothes.

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