I f***** my boyfriends roomate

My boyfriend and his roomate were having a bonfire and we were all drunk and high when people started leaving and falling asleep. My best friend was laying on one side and my boyfriend on the other. He whispered in my ear to kiss her so i did, and soon her hand was down my pants touching my c*** making me so wet. My boyfriend went down and started eating her out while i sucked his c***. He started f****** her so good that the forgot about me. My drunk self ran inside and told his roomate that my boyfriend was f****** my best friend without me. Later when were all in bed inside (they share a room) his roomate goes outside to make sure the fire is out and i slip out of bed that my boyfriend and best friend were in and stripped and climbed in his roomates bed. He was surprised when he came back but got right in and kissed me, grabbing my p****. He fingered me so hard i was afraid i was going to wake my boyfriend and best friend from being so loud. He licked my p**** clean and f***** me so hard. We fell asleep and he woke me up f****** me multiple times throughout the night. My boyfriend was so mad when he woke up and found me in his roomates bed. 😊

Jul 24, 2018

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  • Me and my girlfriend and another guy who was our friend went camping. His girlfriend was supposed to go too but ended up having to work, so us three went. We took only one tent and my girlfriend slept in the middle. I woke up because my girlfriend had made a noise. I then realized he was f****** her from behind as she faced me. I never said a word and just let them go at it. When we got home, I told his girlfriend and they broke up. My girlfriend got p***** because I told her and she broke up with me. I ended up getting together with his now ex girlfriend and him and my ex girlfriend got together.

  • It feels soooooo good to be f***** by another guy when bf is here around

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