I am a s*** in my fantasies

But in reality i am not . When i m********* i think i get f***** by a lot of guys. If reality was just like my fantasy then i would love to make true all my sexual fantasies . To get f***** by many guys while i am tied and can't move . To have many o****** while so many penises enter insind me . I want men to sit on my face , to f*** me hard , to e******** on me and give me sexual pleassure in any way they want. I think this is something i really need to be happy . If i had an enjoyable and good s** by many guys i would be happy and not miserable . I am a kind of a person who wants to try everything on s** . Because i like experiences . And i like feeling pleasure . In my thoughts i like to get f***** by older men and to f*** younger boys than me . I like threesomes because one man is not enough for me . I want more than 2 men to f*** me at the same time , To f*** me h****** my v***** and my butt . I had s** once with a guy a few days ago for a first time but i didn't like it . I want more passion and more pleasure . I get h**** easily because i need to have a nice hard s** with guys .

Jul 29, 2018

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  • It's site is full of rapist, i just hope it never happens to anyone close to you.

  • Rape is much more pleasurable as compared to s** as with each thrust the expression your lady gives is priceless. Which unleash the demon inside you.

    I was raping her she was waiting for me to c**, i could see she was in pain. She tried to get rid off me but i holded her hands with mine while i was over. I am still out because she was a w****, but she said she won't come to me again no matter what. That was a proud moment for me.

  • Ahhh

  • My fantasy is to rape and beat the women i'm raping until she is dead, i have a crush on my sister's friend and i want to beat her with a hammer until she is dead, but first raping her in the ass, and while doing that she would be crying and beating me. It's is normal or i'm f*****, i'm very depressed rigth now.

  • No no..don't kill them. She might come in handy for others

  • I used to sit in school and think I was just totally messed up s** weirdo. I would fantasise about having s** with all sorts of people. School friends, boys and girls, teachers, my friends parents. You name it I was fantasising about it. At the same time I was from a white middle class conservative go the football on Friday and church on Sunday. I was totally a misfit mentally but no one knew because I kept it all inside and played the part of the good daughter. Played sport. Did OK. Did Ok at school. Got on Ok with everyone. Was not abused. But all the time I'm like thinking I want to rip his or her clothes off or I want him or her to just take me without my consent.

  • It's interesting the different perspectives people have.

  • Eat mdma and go for it

  • Yay ! Now be a good girl and share you contact details so that we can FUCKK YOU REAL HARD. I promise i will be really nasty with you b****.

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