Dog eat

I let my dog eat me out it feels so good and i can’t stop i c** soooo much



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  • This is so amazing I lost all my contacts. I'm a young male who loves to watch females with dogs. If ur a girl or woman and I honestly does this. Add my Snapchat. Andyc2104 say dog when u add me.

  • Any girls that does this add me on snap Andyc2104 We can trade live vids

  • If any girls want to trade stories or just talk or show anything k i k: crazym249

  • Any girls who plays with their dogs. I will pay to see. Add me on snapchat. Andyc2104

  • Ladies DNT be shy. It is a wonderful thing if u mess with ur dog. I would love to see. Girls only that wanna have fun. DNT be shy and Add me on snap chat. Andyc2104. And let's have fun.

  • I have vids of me getting licked. I'm a boy. Andy girls wanna have fun that lets their dog. Add me on snap chat andyc2104

  • Im a boy Add me girls. Lets have fun. . Andyc2104. Girls only

  • Andy? Sweetheart? Take your anti-psychotics already.

  • Any females who honestly lets their dog do stuff. Or if u do stuff to ur dog. Add me on snapchat andyc2104. I would love to see. Add me n lets have fun. i have vids of me . Females only no guys

  • Any girls who really messes with animals add me to snap. Andyc2104

  • Any females do this. Add my snap above

  • Any females that honestly has fun with their dog and not just saying they do. i would love to see add me on snapchat. Andyc2104.

  • My wife enjoys it as well and I don't mind it either. Naughty stuff makes me c** harder. The naughtier the better.

  • If anyone really does this. Add me on snapchat. I always wanted to see this. Andyc2104.

  • If it feels good do it ;) have you let him f*** you?

  • Add me on snap @cuckable

  • Add me on snapchat I do dog stuff and have group chats about it my snap is anonymous231483

  • Iv wanted to watch a girl and her dog go at it while I j*** off

  • Is anyone into wearing diaper/pull ups? Snap me sugargiiirl

  • I had an old girlfriend that was into this. She would even dog sit for people so she could have a variety.

  • Does she have snapchat? If so what's her snap?

  • Always fantacised about that tbh

  • A girl I went to school with and I have been friends forever. She had a lab that used to sleep in her bed. She told me that one day when we were Freshmen in high school she was trying to get ready for school but couldn't find a pair of jeans she wanted to wear. She had just gotten out of the shower and was still naked looking for these jeans. As she was on her hands and knees looking through clothes in the bottom of her closet, the dog mounted her from behind. Before she could stop him, he had his d*** inside her and was f****** her, then finished inside her. She said the whole thing happened so fast she didn't even have time to process what was happening. Funny thing is, she was a virgin at the time and now we joke that she lost her virginity to a golden lab. We just graduated college this last spring and she's still single. We joke that if she doesn't find a man by the time we're 30, I'll just get her another golden lab.

  • I once had a lady tell me her friend had just admitted she trained her dog to lick her, wtf! Come on ladies there are plenty of us H**** men out here, truth be told we’re Dogs too

  • I smell bullshit

  • Yep, OP is a bored 12 year old boy who's going to remain a virgin for a very, very long time. So are his responders.

  • I smell your stinky t***

  • My friend and I take turns to let her dog lick our p******. It feels good but it can get annoying if he keeps on stopping! There's no harm in it, he wouldn't do it if he didn't want to. We also get into the doggie position and let him lick our butt holes which is good fun!

  • If you don’t want him to stop then dribble little squirts of pee on his tongue. And hang on. He will lick like crazy

  • Add me on snap. Andyc2104

  • I am dog with two legs...wanna try me

  • What is the harm here ? My past girl friend had her dog eat her when she was a teen living at home

  • My wife and I have done this. It's not sick, our dog loves to lick and enjoys the coconut oil. It's a treat for us all.

  • You sick f***.

  • I heard about Tom and Jerry. This should be called Dog and b****

  • Love it, my past GF had her dog lick her too

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