Wife takes bigger c***

My wife and I was at a bar met a couple and had a threesome the guy was over 9” long and allot thicker. His wife was so f****** lols felt like I f***** a warm bucket of water. My wife was moaning and scream the entire time how huge his c*** felt and how good he f***** her. While the guy was literally pounding my wife hard his wife asked if her husbands c*** felt better than my little wiener. My wife wasn’t shy to say no comparison she loved being stretched out one he felt way better. After I told my wife it felt I embarrassed she said it’s ok you have a small p**** I still love you it was just s**. She’s pretty much said it was just a one time thing and not to worry about it but said he felt better but she loves me. Why do I feel like s*** but turned on wanting to do it again



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  • My girlfriend's ex had a big c***, (one of her friend's told me) I hinted around to her about size and she said it didn't matter she liked mine. I don't know what to think.

  • You've created a monster. Now every time she goes out with her friends, you'll be paranoid that she's looking for the next big d_ick.

    If she calls you small again, just tell her that her p_ssy is like a bucket

  • My wife has 2 regular guys who f*** her both hung 7 inces, and they give what she needs. good for me too.

  • Ask her if she wants to try other guys c****. It can be exciting to watch her lose total control on a hot guy if he has a bigger c***. Did it years before getting married

  • What do you call small? 4" is small, 5-7 is average, above 7 may be big, but an averagecock can fit more women and stay harder than a big one.

  • Horse and dragon d**** for. Use her ass.

  • So do you enjoy watching your wife f*** other men or not?!

  • I love to watching my white wife f*** other men, especially BBC. She loves it

  • Its so good for our marriage and our relationship, wife and I still f***, but always look forward to when guys take her for night or weekend.

  • You enjoyed being cuckolded... lots of guys do... let's face it you can't help the size of your p**** .. much like women can't help if they have a pretty p**** or one that looks like a roast beef sandwich.
    The only question you need to ask yourself is do you love her less for wanting a bigger c***... if yes then stay away from that lifestyle.. if not then let her enjoy what she enjoys.

  • She can take much more. You have no idea

  • You like watching her having s** and it turns you on.

  • Oh it's you again

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