S** is different now

It takes a lot of foreplay for me to o*****, and my husband has never been too interested in foreplay, so it has rarely happened for me. Then just over two years he had radiation therapy on his prostate which left him unable to produce s****, get an erection or e********. He still feels the urge to have s**, but the physical act is no longer possible. So now s** for him is the foreplay, and my o***** has become 'our' o*****. He will now spend as long as it takes to pleasure me because that is how he now gets his pleasure too. So now I o***** almost every time we have s**, and the lead up to it is so pleasurable for me. I o***** by him giving me, after various other types of pleasuring, a long session of oral s** which he never really did before. And since the RT he seems to get more aroused by his senses of smell and taste so licking me in my intimate places is something that he really enjoys doing. He even licks my a*** which he never did before the RT. So for me there may no longer be penetration but I end up feeling more satisfied. And because my husband no longer gets the release that men get from e********** he is always ready for s** whenever I am. So I know it may sound selfish, but I actually get more out of s** now than I ever did before.

Aug 3, 2018

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  • Hearting this because I see it as more of a revenge confession. I wish this husband's condition on all men who only care about getting their sticks wet!

  • Yes, but you would still love to have his erect p**** inside you?

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