Haven't had s** in 4 years.

Everyone that i know thinks im some player that can get girls whenever and has girls calling all the time which is because i have to admit, i am attractive to some degree. Not to say im a model but i do get a 'glance' by women frequently but in reality its quite the oppisite. I'm not really good at making moves on girls, i see them into me but anxiety is a b****. The only sexual pleasure i get is from my FWB where i get head on occasion. Guys laugh when i say i haven't been talking to anyone lately because they think im showing courtesy but its the truth. I honestly think of how my p**** will perform now since it has grown quite a bit. But yeah there it is.


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  • I find the more attractive you are the less s** or real love you will get. when i was thin and dressing nice and blonding my hair and would a lot of money on my hair and body to look sexy thin and blonde and pretty and old men would tell me to get into tv acting to play younger roles but never got any and the whole time i never got s** or even a cute young man ask me out. i seen other girls getting old guys a lot and some had boyfriends and they would give them jewellery and not one young guy ever did that for me. they would all ignore me and that happened all through my teens as well when i was at university and i guess i looked so preppy nerd they thought i was a dud.

  • Most beautiful people get raped and used for s** and s**holed out as well. like here, f*** ya hole and out that your share no more for you. get dead fast. jealousy of married women and old women who want your hole more then you do, and married old men who want to pork you.

  • Don't come crying to me about all your s** rubbish pity stories , I am the last person who you beat there. I have no sympathy at all for others when you gone without as much as i have and learn to f*** yourself more. we have been falsely socially and biologically programmed to need another person for sexual fulfilment when infact we don't need others at all. we think turning to outside things will fill us up but its only ourselves we can rely on and who can fill us up. that is what I was told. we have been brainwashed into thinking we need another human body to enjoy s** but all we need is a robot or silicon doll or vibe to do the job. its up to ourselves not others to give us s** ease. that is what i was told. this is life now. get used to it its going to get worse with less and less people getting s**. you would get more s** just going to the waxing clinic for a blowhole wax.

  • I haven't had s** since 2001 and that was rape first s** ever and i was 30, never had nice s** ever.

  • But why haven't you given a chance to sm 1. I get that you might be traumatised by that horrible incident but move on ,have a good time.

  • Love & s**.

    So tough.

  • Quit molesting kids!!

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