I like to rape ladyboys

Hi, I have a bad fetish, I love to rape ladyboys, is that bad?



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  • No those little f*** deserve it

  • Calm down people, this is confession post remember? Which means it just some frustrated mummy's boy, down in the basement, wasting his life away instead trying to meet real people and have meaningful relationships.

    In short...it's BS

  • I think you should be raped in your face hole. For like hours on end by raging demonic, huge black c****. Who knows you might like it too?

  • I'm a "Gay Male"...I would Love to rape a "Cute Crossdresser".

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  • Stevie, do you have a brain tumor or something?

  • They want you to rape them. Rape on, Wayne!!!

  • Rape on, Garth!!!

  • Boom goes the dynamite!

  • Whoever the victim is, rape itself is a brutal and traumatizing crime!

    To carry out an act so dehumanizing, is unforgiveable!

    Regardless of gender, age, societal status, individual circumstances, religion, culture, sexuality and race - Rape is a cowardice and disgusting crime! No one, should suffer such a crime.

    My heart breaks for how some human beings, treat their fellow human beings. We are all on this planet together and have numerous similarities, being human beings is one of them. So why can we all treat each other with common decency and respect, as fellow human beings?

    Sad, really sad. It's pathetic really.

  • You are just f****** pathetic r*****

  • The origin of such crime is mentality clouded by l***. People try to hide this in the name of body need and enjoy such things. Every day women,children and even newborns are not spared because lustful soul is indifferent to others pain. The law or the police cannot control this as it all depends upon how strong one's conscience is which can be nutured by practice religion more and more in every aspect which will cure the polluted mind. But the bitter truth is rape is happening,will happen ,keep on happening

  • Good point conveyed :)

    I'm aware rape happens and will continue to happen, regardless of how I feel about it. But the fact remains, it's still a cruel and unacceptable crime.

    I don't want to become another statistic who reads about rape and feels desensitised about it, because it's become the norm for such acts to transpire and hear/read about. It's not within my nature.

    Thanks for sharing your personal opinion on this matter, I respect it :)

  • Thank for appreciating, i get that people talk about change but don't want to change.I appreciate that you want to something about it. My experience says it's only our conscience who stops us as you,other or me cannot be there when it is happening. I use to grope woman,after that someone inside use to yell on me ,i couldn't sleep at nights. I saw other kind of me doing the same and the victim,how uncomfortable was she and hated myself for being inhuman bastardd. So,I gave up

  • Can't, not "Can"

  • You admitted in the first sentence that it's wrong. Dumbass.

  • Would love to hear about some of your experiences.

  • Knowy doubt you do karon.

  • Filipino ladyboys ?

  • They ARE the best, right?

  • Yes

  • How many have you raped ?

  • Not at all. That's precisely what they want. All of them. Keep it up.

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