Best friend f****** wife

By way of background, my wife (D) is a literally drop-dead gorgeous natural blonde with an incredibly strong libido. She loves s**, c*** strong and fast, and continuously when she gets going. We have always had a great relationship and wonderful s** life.
My long-time best friend (K) has always had a crush on D and had been dying to f*** her for years. D and I talked about it off and on. There was something that turned me on very much about the idea of them f******. But D was seemingly not interested for a long time.
At one point, she was going through an extremely h**** period where she just could not get enough s**. This lasted for a couple of weeks. I was a happy beneficiary. I finally asked her if she would be interested in f****** K. After a couple of very h**** days she said she would do it if that's what I wanted.
So, we invited K over for dinner one night and decided to let things take their course. Long story made short, they not only f*****, but they f***** each other's brains out for close to two hours. I would conservatively estimate that D had at least twenty loud screaming o******. They seemed continuous.
I watched the entire thing and even f***** her a couple of times myself.
I have to say that, while I enjoyed watching her clearly enjoying every minute f****** K, that I began to have pangs of jealousy, at seeing another man pleasuring her sexually so much. I was not expecting anything near the intensity of the pleasure they were sharing. I was expecting maybe fifteen minutes of s**, not the marathon that took place. K has a big c*** and actually left her red and raw. D did not want to stop, but she was so sore that she could not do it any more.
Since that night, they have repeated the episode, with my consent, several times. Our relationships have remained excellent, including D and my s** life.

Now, here's the problem. Very recently, and though a fluke, I found out that D and K had f***** right before D and I got married one day when they met to get K's help doing something. They both say that it was not planned, but just happened that day. They both admit that the s** was incredible. And they both say it never happened again until the night we invited K to dinner.
The problem is that now I am very conflicted. On the one hand, I can't help but get turned on at the mental picture of them f****** behind my back that day. On the other hand, the betrayal by them hurts very much every time I think about them being so intimate, and K's learning everything about D that day - what she looked like naked, how she smelled, how her b****** felt and tasted, how wet her hairy p**** gets, how his c*** felt going up inside her the first time, and what a fantastic f*** she is.
I would appreciate any thoughts anyone wants to share with me. I'm struggling with it badly. I love D very much.


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  • Let her f*** anyone she wants. I bet she would love to f*** BBC

  • Keep love and s** separate. The two are not the same and are not equal.
    S** is a primal genetic predisposition which we are obligated to do but can choose NOT to do.
    Love is the opposite. We are not predisposed to love anyone. It is a higher brain function that we choose to do.
    Jealousy is the result of cognitive dissonance. You lack knowledge of something or skill at something and your brain does not know how to handle that. Jealousy is the result.
    Arm yourself with facts and learn whatever skills you need to overcome this jealousy.
    Betrayal is much the same. But, remember, s** is a lower brain function and love is a higher function. In the end, she may have had s** with him but she CHOSE to love you. This is NOT insignificant. YOU are the one she chose to love. It is YOUR bed she sleeps in at night and it is YOU whom she cuddles in that bed. It is YOU whom she chose to build a life. Not him. You possess some intangible quality that he does not. She needs that quality and only YOU can provide it for her.
    Anyone can provide her s**. Anyone can provide you s**. But, only she can provide you the intangibles and the love that you need. And only you can provide her with the same.
    Keep love and s** separate and you will be fine and you will learn to overcome your jealousies and feelings of betrayal.

  • Definitely cut ties with K. And have a very serious talk with D. Divorcing her only open she the door for her and K to be together so I wouldn’t go that part but I would certainly make her feel guilty as s*** and make her beg for forgiveness.

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  • At every chance that you get you have to cheat on your wife or girlfried, to not look like a f****** cuckold if she cheats on you.

  • Why did you marry her if you dont trust her

  • I didn't know she had just recently had s** with K at the time we married.

  • This summer my wife 53 f*** on the beach with a young for two weeks. I was happy to see her suck the big tool e many times I m********* myself

  • You have got the story 2 times before is bullshit she and him was f****** all the time and you got 2 s. She will not stop now thay she she it out in the open . F*** her as much as you want and get someone else to do the same. As experienced proofed woman will continue where it nice. I had that situation and after a few years was told how many others the guy brought to f*** her. So you do it before someone else do it for her.

  • She could easily have f***** many others behind you. Just keep f****** her or she leave you for the bigger c***.

  • A similar thing happened to me. I found out much later. By then I had shared her with him a number of times and never felt threatened by it, so I let it go.

  • Betrayed your trust and didn’t hesitate to Marry you. What would you tell your best friend to do????

  • I would tell them to f*** off and die in a fire. A horrible death. Maybe drowning, suffocation or hanging. Any death would be better than having a backstabbing Judas you call a friend. Actually I did tell my friend that when he f***** my wife, but at least I didn't kill him.

  • She enjoys his c*** more it’s obvious. You will of course get the short end of the stick. She may not do it all the time but she will have s** with him any opportunity she gets. Being sexually fulfilled will eat her up and she won’t be able to control that urge. Don’t be surprised if your s** drops considerably and her attention to you drops.Women treat guys with bigger c*** especially when they know how to use them.
    I’m sure he’s trying to get her n bed as often as he can

  • You invited him to taste your wife, now there is no stopping for both of them. You need to accept this and move on,there is no second opinion about it

  • But the reality is that had I known about them f****** previously, I would have terminated my friendship with K. He violated a trust. I certainly would have never consented to them f****** again. My problem now is how to deal with our relationships, having just learned of their first time together. Do I end my friendship with K? How about my relationship with D?

  • Betrayal is hard to overcome. Especially if you make the mistake most people make of equating s** with love. The two are not the same and are most definitely not equal. S** is an act. Love is a choice. She chose to love you even after having s** with him.

  • So it was just one day before your marriage. I believe that they thought that it is end of the road for their relationship,for old time sake they did it and sworn never to tell you about this as they didn't wanted to lose you as a husband and a friend.

    Now that you know everything, forgive your wife as everyone deserves a second chance.
    If they continue doing this divorce her. A spy cam might help in taking a decision.

  • They both say that that was the only time they ever f***** before D and I got married , and that it was literally a spur of the moment thing that day - one thing (his flirting) just led to another and that he finally came on to her and she didn't resist him (he had been wanting to f*** her since I introduced him to her). They both admit that the s** that day was incredible. They also say that they have never f***** since, other than the times I have consented and was present.

  • It's great than, but yes I think D and K should not meet each other more as we are humans with needs. But no need to spoil your relationship with anyone.

  • Since they've both admitted to enjoying s** together so much, I'm very much concerned that, in spite of their denials, they have done it other times behind my back, or that they will again in the future.

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater bro. S**** is as s**** does. F*** them hoes.

  • If you love her then u need to live with it but if you can't see you're self respect tarnished again n again you need to divorce her and throw her out of the house .

  • After much additional prodding, D admitted to me today that they have met two additional times during our marriage for s**. Once at his apartment and once at an undisclosed location. She admitted that they f***** for the better part of two hours each time. I have not confronted K about this yet.

  • You probably don’t know “the half of it”, yet. She’s disappointing you with the “truth” a little bit at a time; maybe trying to see how much you can handle before choosing: either to stay with you, because you will keep her and still let her keep f****** K; or, to leave you because she has to keep f****** K. Either way, she’s going to keep f****** K......

  • Dude. SELF PRESERVATION! Kick that b**** to the curb and get your house in order, you can always find another one of them types of hoes any day of the week. Try finding a faithful one, that's the hardest magic trick of all!

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