Colleague knows my kinks and constantly teases me

So after a work night out, a woman in my team about 15 yrs older than me (her mid 40's, me 30) ended up getting with each other. There had always been some chemistry in the office and we just let it all out after several drinks. She is divorced and I married but we went back to hers and had a few hours of f****** before I went home.

It was so good, she is a little h**** devil and up for all sorts, so I ended up telling her my fantasies, my foot fetish, dominating women, being humiliated about my d*** size and a*** play. So she took control for a while, tied my hands up, gave me a footjob and made me suck her toes while she talked s*** about how small my d*** was (I'm just under average but love sph so much) and then used one of her vibrating d***** in my a****** while wanking me off. I shot my load all over my chest it was so good.

Now back at work, she keeps flashing her toes all done up nicely or wears sexy shoes, she looks at my crotch and giggles and makes the odd comment which gets me all hot. But sometimes she talks about how she thought I was a man but actually I'm a little b**** who likes to be f***** in the ass. She says how she wants to bend me over and f*** me with a strapon. Problem is it gets me so h**** and she knows it.

We had a conference call so got a meeting room, and she spent the whole time stroking her foot up my leg and into my groin. Then she would mute the call and tell me she can't feel my d***, how small is it etc then talk about ass f****** me so I'm raging hard in my pants and then she would laugh at me.

I'm having to j******* several times a day during work and she loves it.

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  • Sounds kinda like my pretty Hispanic 44 year old wife slowly getting close to the 19 year old summer intern. She told me she was teaching him the ropes when pretty close to the summer close to 25 people in their unit showed up for a Happy Hour. He wound up getting a little to tipsy and nearly everyone was gone so instead of letting him drive the few suggested my wife drive him home.
    She said when they finally got to his place they talked a little in hopes of him sobering up when he started telling my wife how lucky I was to have her and how there’s rumor many of the office guys found her attractive and she asked him what he thought.She said before she knew he had the hots for her. Next thing you know they are kissing, his hands go for her big sexy t*** then he puts her hand on his bulge. Wasn’t long it wasn’t long before he pulls it out and she’s sucking him off.Right in the parking lot. She says he shoots off a really explosive load in her mouth. She doesn’t tell me this until a few days later she admits what happened when we start discussing if she is going to miss him always giving her compliments

  • Small c***.. good luck

  • We stayed late at work last night. She had me naked crawling around on the floor behind her, and rode me like a horse while she put her finger in my ass. She ended up riding me properly until we both came and then she made me lick her p**** after. She is crazy and I love it.

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