Wife details how friend huge c*** feels f****** her

When I was in high school staying the night at my best friend house he started changing. My mouth dropped having never seen a c*** so huge more than twice my thickness and length as well. Guess a natural deserved complement without thinking blurting our dam you have a awesome huge c***. Luckily it was taken as a compliment and he didn’t feel awkward about it. We ended up actually comparing his was 9 3/4” long and 6 1/2” around. Compared to my 5 1/4” long and 4 3/4” around p**** I am very tiny. We had joked around about how girls would react during s** comparing the sensation of the difference they would feel. We talked about setting it up with different girls I dated but I never asked any. Fast ward years later being married and this same desire luckily We was still best of friends. But best of all my wife when I told her how I wanted to have him f*** her she didn’t freak out. She was actually excited to try him for size hearing how much bigger he is. I told my friend that she wanted to try him for size unsure her tiny stature was able to accommodate. My wife is only 4’ 9” and 84 lbs I’m a small guy only 5’6” 130 lbs we do fit well together. Watching him slide in and her taking his entire c*** in less than 5 minutes surprised me. Her expression on her face couldn’t tell a lie she was enjoying the added size. Omg she moaned grunting f*** s*** he’s huge she screamed. I laughed asking if she liked it she moaned smiling saying it’s amazing yes I love it. It feels really full inside she said as she started orgasming he started f****** her really hard and she was screaming. My questions and her answers would have to wait as he was taking her. The sounds of a different pleasure she didn’t make with me turned me on. I know it should had made me jealous and why I’m not I have no answers why. My wife knew as I told her I wanted to her enjoy his bigger c*** knowing it would make her feel better than mine. She wasn’t shy about taking me up on it and letting go completely enjoying him. We had talked about any things we wanted as rules not to do’s. I couldn’t think of any she said she’s on the pill and wanted to make it as real as possible (wanting to have his c** inside her) it didn’t bother me it felt like if we do it why bother with that. His bigger b**** have bigger load of c** she said she felt very naughty when he cam inside her with me watching. We had set it up on a Friday night and till Sunday late night they f***** day and night obviously resting between and we f***** as well. She was obviously very stretched out and couldn’t feel me much. But it was still pleasure just different for both of us we enjoyed. When he left we talked she described how she enjoyed him so much. She was honest in telling me she wanted us to continue this with my friend. Honestly it was such a turn on I had already thought the same thing. Every weekend he came over and we had threesomes they got wilder adding new twist. It’s very addictive and fun our minds opened and trying new things made it funnier. I think it was about 8 months into doing this every weekend. While he was pounding another o***** out of my wife’s p**** she said omg I love you so much to him. She never said the Love word before to him and it caught me off guard. They was making out while he was f****** her it was very intimate moment. After she looked over at me startled they cuddled and she wanted to have me f*** her after. Everything that weekend went as our normal s** fueled three ways always went. After my friend left she was quick to apologize about saying she loved him. I said it’s ok I’m not mad I asked if she really felt that way. She shrugged and said she was sorry but everything we do as three I do love him. She was quick to add she loves me more than even when we got married this has made us closer. I feel the same way we are closer I feel closer to you. I understand we have been sharing as three the most intimate of bonds possible. We actually started talking to my friend that shared the same feeling and we concluded we should express our feelings. Not to long after that my friend moved in we have a three way relationship. While we never tell others some figure out on their own some have stopped being friends with us. Others who remain just avoid the conversation.


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  • My girlfriend's ex had a large c***, (her friend told me this while drunk at a party) I mentioned size to my girlfriend and she said it didn't matter. I don't know what to think now.

  • Nothing hotter than being present and upclose to watch a female take a much bigger c***. Her older brother had a friend that she thought was hot. One day he walked over to visit her brother and was waiting for him when he asked me if I had gotten into her panties yet. I didn’t waste time telling him about how she had a huge crush on him. He said let’s go have some fun. Emelie was surprised when we both walked in. I just pulled out my c*** and told her to suck it. Next thing he’s doing the same but his c*** was so much bigger than mine when I told her you have to take that and see what it feels like.
    She was on fire as he pumped her hard.
    I think she would have f***** him if they were ever alone cause she was crazy about him. She couldn’t stop kissing him and I kept asking her how his c*** felt.
    She couldn’t even speak she was that turned on. I got up close to see his extra
    long c*** pump deep inside of her. He won her that night. I knew his c*** was something she wanted and him being so much bigger sealed the deal. He came inside of her and just left the room.
    She laid there telling me softly she could f*** his c*** forever

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  • Mmmmm. I can bet you her body has gotten hotter. I bet her attitude has changed also. I used to let my older neighbor f*** my 17 year old girlfriend. Very first time he pounded her for s long time and I was amazed how much longer he could go and how much more she loved the way he f***** her. He was similar in size to your friend and was always making comments to both of us how if he ever had a chance with her he would make her fall in love. There’s something about those kind of guys that girls totally adore. Maybe it was his confidence knowing he had a big c***. After first time she was always asking about him until I caught on and we would pick him late at night and I would just listen to her heavy hot moaning as he f***** her.15 years later she still has that nice bubble butt, thin waist and perky tight t***

  • Girls are very great fun when their boyfriend or husband gives them a bigger c*** as a gift.

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