S** in the Jehovah WItness restored earth paradise

Looking at the pamphlets and reading them it seems like this paradise on earth will be a situation where you never grow old and the weather is always great. You get great food to eat and you can pet wild animals even formerly wild dangerous animals such as bears or lions and tigers.

Jehovah is going to set you to doing pleasurable tasks and you can even have kids with your wife. Yeah if you want to get laid in this paradise you better have a husband or a wife because that's the only person you can have s** with.

Yep, that's right if you aren't married to him or her you can forget s**. Just get to enjoying the fresh veggies Jehovah is going to give you because that's about the only pleasure you're going to get.

After all the mean old apostates are worm food and rotted away you can live in their houses which apparently Jehovah will allow remaining intact.

Sounds like fun to you? Not to me, it doesn't. Give me the old pagan orgy type paradise of the Muslims. Man those folks get to party down with a few dozen women.

Think about it. Here you are stuck forever in a earth like situation doing the same things over and over again. Eons pass and its the same woman or man.

Heres something else. You can have children on this restored earth. So the kids don't even have to go through the same rigamarole as people do now. They are born into this paradise. I'm of the opinion the planet would say after a few centuries of kids being born, nobody dying that the paradise will become a bit crowded.

Sounds like H*** to me. What about you folks?


Aug 15, 2018

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  • Sounds like something a bunch of long dead repressed dweebs with no lives came up with, which it is. Modern day repressed dweebs with no lives try to shove it down other people's throats because they think it'll win them points with sky daddy.

    BTW, OP: Pagan =/= Muslim. Kindly get your theological s*** straight...

  • I walked past a couple of Jehovahs ladies in town today,trying to stop people with their J.H .org flyers and s.h..i.t , both of them ugly as sin!
    If they were hotties maybe i would of talked to them just so i could be pervy to them( read a funny post on here where some guy had a novel idea to get rid of them 😁)
    But sadly they were bags, plus it was raining so fu.ck them.
    You would of thought that good ol' Jehovah would of provided a brolly 😁

    Only thing I am jealous about,is how in school assemblies the Jehovahs kids would all get up and leave after the announcements before the hymns and christian s.h.i.t.e started.
    (in England most primary and middle schools are either church of England or roman catholic)

  • That paradise would not be under the laws of logic, there is no overpopulation.

  • Just as long as there are enough young girls to "play" with.

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