I eat p***

Ok, I go online and see typically lesbians and single girls eating their own stuff, especially Japanese. The visible facial reactions are hesitant, mostly, but the determination is amazing. Depending on the size of the sample, the actual swallowing can take a long time. MFX videos are very well known for going overboard. Like the “2 girls, 1 cup” runaway.
It is hard to view the subject matter without getting at least a bit curious. So..I began with the basic confrontation with the toilet tissue, after wiping. I created a fantasy based on what I had seen. I eat toilet tissue with food items all the time, anyway. I casually licked what I saw, and I could sense the increased excitement. The flavor was interesting, to say the least. After inserting the sheets into sandwiches, I knew I was hooked.
Next time at the bowl, I followed the girl’s lead. I have been participating, now for 2 months, and have had no problems, because it is my own. I am very aware of the catastrophic scenario that could develop, and the girls could have been drugged up, like crazy. Whatever works for me.

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  • Https://2girls1cup.ca/

  • 🤔💩🤤👅😜😋😉

  • I'm supportive of the idea "to each his own", but I'm not sure you've properly evaluated the risks. You could easily pick up an infection or a disease or an STI, maybe even something that can't be treated. I realize that you want to excite your partner, and something that is simultaneously so self-degrading and so intimate would excite a girl like crazy, but I don't think the reward is worth the risks. Please reconsider.

  • Good! I HOPE this dumb b.itch catches something that can't be treated. One less stupid person using up my oxygen.

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