I'll get you pregnant

Aug 17, 2018

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  • Back when I married my third husband, we had a party with a live band that night, following a private ceremony before the justice of the peace. I was 37 at the time. Everybody danced with everybody else. On this one slow dance I was with this big muscular 18yo kid, and he said to me pretty much the same thing you just said, "I want to knock you up". Yeah, that was his opening line to me. It sounds corny and stupid, I know, but I have to admit this: it turned me on and made me drip. I know, that's crazy, but the kid got to me with that line, and I couldn't resist him . . . . . . . especially after I leaned into him while we danced and realized he was hung like a m************ horse. What's a girl to do? He had turned me on like mad, so I had to let him f*** me that night. In fact, I had to let him keep on f****** me for months, and yes . . . . . . . he knocked me up. My husband had no idea about the true paternity, and neither did the kid. One of my girlfriends knows this backstory (and eventually, she hooked up with the kid, too), but is sworn to total secrecy, but even still today, I'm more fond of that particular child than I am any of the others I've had by other men, because every time I look at him I remember all the delicious f******* I got from his 18yo father. DAMN! So, my recommendation is that you continue to use your "intro": you never know who it might work on. :) Happy huntin, darlin!

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