Jerked off with sister in laws panties

So my SIL and her husband were in town visiting for the weekend. We all went to my in laws house who lives near by and has a pool. At the house we all basically put our clothes in one of the spare rooms when we change into our bathing suits. The first day we were there, I went in to change out of my bathing suit and on the bed sticking out of the short shorts she was wearing that day was her tiny grey thong.

I have always fantasized about my SIL. She is very attractive and her body has curves in all the right places. Seeing her tiny grey thong I just couldn't help myself. I pulled them out and smelled the sweet smell of her p****. Then I wrapped the around my c*** and began to it. I was rock hard instantly at the though of this bit of material that covers her p**** is not rubbing on my c***. I knew I couldn't c** in that like I so badly wanted to, so before I got close I stopped an put them back.

The next day we were back at my in laws and I was much more deliberate. I made sure to let her get changed first. Then while everyone was out at the pool, I went to change and look for my prize. There they were, in her shorts again, a light grey tiny thong. This time I grabbed them and sunk into the bathroom. I took a few big whiffs, then once again wrapped the tiny material around my c***. This time, there would be no stopping. I stroked my c*** until I was on the verge of c******. Knowing I couldn't c** in the panties, I moved them to my face and buried my nose right in the crotch while I finished off.

It felt so f****** good. I cleaned up, returned the panties to their spot and made my way to the pool. No one was the wiser. Can't wait until next time she visits!

Aug 20, 2018

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  • My sil let me use her phone to make a call because mine was dead. She went outside with everyone else. When I finished the call I quickly looked in her pictures. I found nude pics of her. I need to figure out how to get them without her knowing. I would have taken a picture with my phone but it was f****** dead.

  • Text them to yourself then delete the txt string.

  • Next time c** in them she would be on the pill

  • And get caught?!

  • Put them on sometime & see how that feels!! You'll c** that way too.

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